Parkour Game: Add On – Ronnie VS. Chris

Ronnie and Chris demonstrate a fun parkour game called add on. Get your flow on!
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  1. Cool game I would play it but I have no where to do it and now one to play it with I'm so alone 😞

  2. TIE-BREAKER plsssssssss, this was awesome, make moarrrrr =D

  3. I practice FREE RUNNING so see my vidéo please !!;)

  4. Parkour tag is always good if you have enough people. Infection rules are the best way to play it (when a person gets tagged they become a tagger as well in case you don't know.) When we play we have a rule that when somebody gets tagged, they take off their shirt ( I know sounds creepy and pervy, and it is, but it's useful for identification and can be pretty funny), but that's just us XD

  5. Can u do an update vid for parkour shoes? I personally use KO parkour shoes

  6. omg how do you have the guts?if anyone nows a way of getting guts plz tell me

  7. This is awesome you have to do this again!!! 😀

  8.  Great idea for a game, we will have to play it at my parkour class =)

  9. ronnie, our team does a game we call "roll-tag" its where we basically play tag but we can only do it by rolling no standing or sitting. the only way ur allowed to get to a spot is by doing any type of roll such as back roll, front roll, barrel roll, etc. Get it?

  10. I would play this but I have no friends that do parkour 🙁 Do more of this! Plz!

  11. hey Ronnie james here i do parkour learnt it all from that i play is called "parkour" its like the game "bike" you do something person fails gets an x so on so like u set Chris try that stunt if he fails he you set again untill he gets that stunt again hope to see this in one of you"r videos thanks Ronnie  the person who fails gets a p,a,r,k,o,u,r first to parkour loss

  12. A race between you two but doing tricks off all the obstacle that comes across your path. The game is called "last one"

  13. Have a game of trick and u have to do a trick/flip and they have to copy if they fail they get a letter and the first to spell trick loses

  14. cool idea my friends and me will try it to 😀 

  15. Add On, also called "modified Game of S.K.A.T.E of parkour" .-.

  16. Great moves! Also that was a really creative and cool idea, how did you come up with this?

  17. Hey Ronnie my friends and I like to play "Flip". It's the same as "Horse" just the parkour version.

  18. Those backflips were so perfectly landed they olmost look fake.

  19. You guys are hilarious. Totally enjoyed watching that. xD

  20. For fun we usually play "FLIP". It is like the basketball game "HORSE" Except we freerun and we have to copy the other traceur's move, when you can't you, get a F.

  21. Try playing parkour its like skate one person does a trick and the other person copies u

  22. @Ronnie Street Stunts would you make a sitting pimp flip tutorial? please respond

  23. Le pauvre Chris il a dû se faire mal en tombant à 4min 34 🙁

  24. Ronnie has flow, but almost no power, the other guy had power with no flow.

  25. Awesome thank you so much I was looking for a parkour game for long time 😀

  26. i've played this a long time ago but on trampoline, never tought of it in this way thoe 😀

  27. ronnie as we are here in belgium have no parkour gym what should i do 🙂 🙁

  28. An excellent game for improving flow, I am going to use this is my training!

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