Parkour Game: Add On – Ronnie VS. Chris

Ronnie and Chris demonstrate a fun parkour game called add on. Get your flow on!
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  1. That dash vault at the beginning looks crazy high.

  2. I like it how there's and done by Ronnie Shalves before a Ronnie Shalves video.

  3. Мы так в заказного на баскетболе играем

  4. I just had an advert with you advertising BoomCo

  5. Well it seemed like you were getting tired as they got longer so just remember to be careful.   🙂

  6. Park which is basically where one person goes first to set a trick then the other person/people have to do the same thing then if they do it wrong they get P. First person to spell park loses

  7. Parkour 'tag' always good. But if you can, make the floor lava. So if a person touches the floor there 'it'. 

  8. Why is this not made into a video game a bit like the old Tony Hawk ones?? Someone develop this

  9. I hope you do this again , very awesome 😀

  10. haha that's good, you can do more "add On" games ? 😀

  11. Dude, you guys are the best at parkour.

  12. This is like the Simon Says electronic game, where you have to accurately recreate the order of steps given (i.e. red, blue, blue, yellow, etc.) to win.

  13. Capture the leader
    You have to follow the leader and do everything he does but the leader gets a 5 second head start and the other person has to catch up and capture the leader.

  14. I saw Chris on American Ninja Warrior but not you Ronnie?

  15. My friends and i like to play a game called parkour tag. We try to tag each other without touching the ground, and if you touch the ground you are instantly it.

  16. The other day I got caught parkouring on a roof they had the police over and everything…

  17. like if you got ronnies new ad on this video.BOOM CO

  18. Hey Ronnie I saw Chris on American Ninja Warrior but not you. Didn't you say you were on it this year? @Ronnie Street Stunts 

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