Parkour game in the making!


  1. Comparing this to the one game that parkour channel is making, this looks so much better. Theirs aimed for realism at the cost of gameplay, for example it was always faster to walk around an obstacle than parkour because every movement dropped your speed massively.

  2. Your so good man keel it up but i will support you

  3. Kong gainer and dash vault front flips are gonna look sick

  4. Your progress in such a short time is insane. This looks good but the game now deserves a chefs kiss.

  5. Follow for regular updates on my first game! 🫶

  6. Whats it called i wanna play it when it comes out

  7. If this is real, then good job it looks super fun. If not, I’m disappointed

  8. Wow this look incredible whats the game name?

  9. u should make it so that it’s a multiplayer game and people can play tag/ice and freeze with this parkour feature

  10. This looks good when it comes out I'm getting it cuz if it's already looking this good I can't wait to see it in the future keep up the good work

  11. Just a question, what will this be on when it releases? I'm pretty interested in this, I really wanna play it when it comes out. If it releases on PC, my pc probably won't be able to run it.

  12. what engine are you using for creating this game?

  13. This for free but this game sooooo good man

  14. Can you added to mobile when it realease because i really want to play it but i cant afford computer please

  15. We can play thie game on mobile also Android 😅

  16. Nah this needs to be mobile frrr😭 idc how hard it will be 😭


  18. Probably on the ps4 and Xbox Series s

  19. Damn watch dogs 4 looking fire, all jokes aside keep you the good work bro.

  20. Bro can I get early access I've always wanted a game like this

  21. Сделайте пажалуйста на Андроид прошу очень хочется поиграть в шедевр

  22. Looks sick! I like that if you miss the timing you're fall. It make game more challenge and simulator.

  23. Она выйдет на телефоны?

  24. Mirrors edge and dying light 2,1 can kill that game😊

  25. Keep going its so sick and awsome im gonna download so excited😊

  26. i hope this will be playable on mobile

  27. N actually been using ❤fxi❤ jgk❤ugehjfp❤bizarre

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