Parkour Games Are An Underappreciated Genre

I didn’t mention Dying Light because firstly, I’m much more intrigued by the fast paced parkour, secondly, because the world is designed to make parkour a somewhat unartistic escape route instead of a playground, and lastly, because I Forgor 💀


  1. There's this Parkour game on Roblox, it's really good imo, for a Roblox game. It manages to capture my attention for a while now.

  2. for just 199 subs, this is a quality video. subbed

  3. average need for speed 2000s enjoyer says:

    You didnt mention prototype and dying light 1

  4. nice awesome video keep making these style videos 🙂

  5. wow, someone actually has the same needs as me, nice content, Keep up!

  6. for a second I thought this was one of the many video essays channels with thousands of subs, lmao really nice vid bro, keep it up!

  7. Mirror's edge is actually my favorite game license, but I still kinda don't really understand why the Catalyst one is not as loved as the first one. Because I really appreciate the fact that it is an open world and so less linear than the first. The only thing that bother me in Catalyst is the too many fight aspects of it, but omg, it is so cool to just admire the city while running on rooftops.

    Nice video btw x) I will surely check your content. Have a nice day !!

  8. You are going to blow up mate ! Well narrated and edited too. Subbed
    Edit : I spend years(on and off) trying to get all 3 stars for the time trials in the base game and dlc . The depth here is awesome . Finally got the superstar trophy for 90stars on my ps3 this year !

    also can anyone tell what game he mentioned at the end because im too stupid to get the name from him saying it so fast 🤣

  10. I can't believe you've made this video just the day after I played the first Mirror's Edge! What a coincidence!
    I think you would love Dying Light as well

  11. If your looking for parkour storror is developing a game based off real life parkour like skate but parkour

  12. been here for a few months, glad to see you finally getting some more recognition

  13. These games made me want to do parkour in real life.

  14. you should try beatrun its a mod for gmod that replicate mirrors edge movment

  15. mirrors edge catalyst is a lot more enjoyable than mirrors edge imo, at least you can change the fucking fov in catalyst

  16. I feel like if they made a mirrors edge 3 it would look amazing with the video/graphics we have now but hopefully if they do make it they put more effort into mirrors than battlefield 2042

  17. So wait, is your pfp supposed to be Terezi Pyrope from Homestuck? Because they look strikingly similar to eachother, but in your end card thing they're wildly different.

    Also, banger video. Made me remember that I bought Ghostrunner on sale a while ago and forgot to actually play the thing.

  18. bro mirrors edge will always have a special place in my heart, it has some down sides like the combat is bad and the story is eh, but the great gameplay and soundtrack 100% make up for it, im so sad they messed up the 2nd one

  19. Mirror's Edge is so far the greatest one, It has a similiar feelings with another game called Portal and of course by Valve, We play both protagonists as a asian girls, Exploring through liminal places/similiar places, Takes place in futuristic time, and it even ended with a different song but with the same name Still Alive

  20. I just saw the title and I was like:
    That's what I'm sayin'!

  21. "Mirrors edge catalyst was disappointing as hell and im very happy that ghostrunner is a thing."

    -every sane person with a parkour fetish

  22. Titanfall 2 is on gamepass, it really scratched the parkour itch for me

  23. mirrors edge change my life also i love this video so much thank u for making a video ab this

  24. you should check out "neon white" if you haven't already

  25. If you like Mirror's Edge and Ghostrunner you have to try out Neon White. It's not exactly the same freerunning category but the movement is so refined and satisfying it just makes you keep playing levels over and over again.

  26. I Think respawn would do a great job with mirrors edge if ea dont get too involved

  27. mirrors edge holds a golden spot in my heart❤

  28. Commenting for engagement. More content like this and you're on fire. Hit the 10 min mark for the algorhythm too it's time to earn v-bucks baby

  29. Great video! Have you ever played Dying Light btw lol

  30. Dishonored is a parkour game if you're fast enough.

  31. I feel like Dying Light series should have been included here

  32. Try Dying Light man it's kinda gives you the freedom that you want when it comes to parkour

  33. Mirror's edge catalasty is good and I if they added multiplayer it would be great

  34. I’ve used a wheelchair my entire life. I don’t play many videogames, but Mirror’s Edge—where all you do is run and jump in first-person—is one of my all-time favorites. Feel free to psychoanalyze that as much as you like. 😉

  35. Yeah I'm just waiting for storror parkour pro to come out, till then I'm snoozing on the genre (unless ass creed mirage brings parkour back into focus)

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