Parkour Games Are An Underappreciated Genre

I didn’t mention Dying Light because firstly, I’m much more intrigued by the fast paced parkour, secondly, because the world is designed to make parkour a somewhat unartistic escape route instead of a playground, and lastly, because I Forgor 💀


  1. I kind just realized that Roblox just isnt really about creativity anymore like this is just mirrors edge there is no difference good or bad its just another game not on Roblox :/

  2. Hello! Hope this comment gets seen by at least one human being :') but I'd like to recommend a game to all of you who have been searching for another genuine parkour game for years.

    It's named quite literally "Parkour Reborn". It is actually a game inside Roblox (ik, eww but stay with me). This game is a Reboot to its prequel just like Cathalyst was for the original.

    It is currently being developed by a small team and its in alpha state, but just by what they already have in hands, just the firsts seconds of gameplay will make you see why this game is so important to the platform and parkour games in general

    It takes heavy inspiration of the ME esthetics but it actually takes the philosophy and methods of Parkour at it's core and implements them in such a magnificent way.

    Despite being built in Roblox, despite being a really small team, I think they manage to make the best controls and movement feeling I've ever tryed in any game of its type and I really mean this. And I think everyone should have the pleassure to play it once its officially released.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this :3

  3. i was on the fence on the subscribe, then u showed Akane gameplay, instantaneous lol….but you should check out Storror Parkour Pro, its like the EA Skate of Parkour games, theres a demo you can play when u become a backer too

  4. alright, y'all need to hear me out on this one. roblox has a game called parkour that's basically just catalyst but like minus the bullshit. big world, big arsenal of cool shit, no story, and a pseudo-sequel just around the corner. it is shockingly well made for a roblox game, and I highly recommend it.

  5. I was thinking of a game that played like Sonic Adventure meets Devil May Cry, and with a full open world that can be your playground. Basically like what Frontiers could've been. Pulling flips and tricks between jumps, running that risk of missing jumps but with a special maneuver that allows you to bounce back up or dash forward, all while combat can not only be skipped, but mooks can be fodder for you to bounce off of. Dive into a guy, ride him along the road and flip off of him like a badass or stand your ground and take the fight to the skies. Come on, that'd be sick!

  6. I honestly dont know how to improve Mirrors Edge 1&2. They are both masterpieces and the only thing we need really is Mirrors Edge 3. The first one is more down to earth, rough Gameplay but the world and the characters and the level design sick af. Music 10/10. The second game is just too smooth. Open World, beautiful city, nice story the parkour is fluid af. You can replay every Main mission every side mission. Collectibles, Tower liebration, Grid Note puzzle towers. Even the combat is on point. I never felt like I HAD to complete tidious objectives in order to get the parkour skills so I can be fast with my traversal. I was hooked from the first minute.

  7. ghostrunner 2 released.Will you be playing it?

  8. Well I think you'll be pleased to find out that Storror (best parkour team in the world) are creating the first ever pure parkour game called Storror Parkour Pro (by "first ever parkour game" i mean a game that only revolves around parkour and nothing else, and isn't a mobile game)

  9. dude ur an incredible youtuber, i thought this video would ATLEAST have 2K likes…just wait and see the youtube algorithm blast u into popularity:)

  10. Clickbait, I thought you're gonna cover more than just Mirror's Edge and Ghostrunner. I already know those two, I'm looking for more.

  11. Tbh mirrors edge catalyst is way too underrated and its not that hard to get the abilities bc the story is pretty short. Good vid btw man

  12. Of course, anything complex is almost always underappreciated because masses cant comprehend it

  13. Dying light, dying light 2, mirrors edge and it’s sequel, parkour (Roblox game), stride vr…Please tell me any cool parkour games

  14. you should play the roblox Game Parkour. It's awesome and has many good parkour moves and Physics.

  15. Fantastic video but it's a sin to talk about parkour games and not mention the dying light series, handled parkour and combat much better than mirror's edge.

  16. Mirror's Edge for me is the most magical game of all time, me and my brother have always practiced parkour since we were little kids and I still remember watching the full playthrough a bunch of times before getting my hands on it on a friend's xbox 360. that game has had a long lasting impact on me, and I want to try and capture at least a tiny fraction of its beauty in a game I'm making with my brother that will fuse mirror's edge and vector :)I'll let you know when it's playable in case you wanna try it out, in any case it will be made with tons of love for parkour and for this underappreciated genre!

  17. My favorite Parkour game is "Free Running", it's on Steam for $6. It's pure 3rd person parkour, very little story to bother you with, too. It is a bit rough around the edges, the level design can be hit or miss at times, but there's some great stuff in there, and you have a lot of freedom to do your own thing and find your own routes to take. The game really opens up later on as you improve, eventually seeing the levels as big playgrounds to explore and break open, trying out all kinds of things and learning more about how the game functions, and it's limits. I've spent around 100 hours in the game, and I've enjoyed most of that time.

  18. Try out Warframe, parkour is so sweet in that game, wall running feels so damn good n bullet jumps. Good video man

  19. As much as I love ghostrunner I don't see how you came to the conclusion that it is some sort of spiritual successor to mirror edge they're completely different games. Mirrors edge has an in depth parkour system where as ghostrunner is basically wallrunning ninja simulator. Either way great video and I agree it's a great under appreciated genre.

  20. the best parkour game i've played its called "parkour" and its on roblox, i'm not joking

  21. I'd recommend playing dying light, its story is fine at best but it does feature a ton of nice movement mechanics and a gut wrenching night time mechanic, I'd recon it could be in the top 10 best movement games ever. the game also frequently goes on sale

  22. I consider uncharted the love child of assassin's creed and far cry

  23. unfortunately my English is not so good, but I managed to understand a good part of the video, I agree that the parkour genre is not very appreciated by the people, but those who like this type of game like it a lot, for example, my computer does not run all current games, even so, I finished Dying light in 30 hours, even when playing crashed I finished and had fun.
    great video cheshire, high quality I hope you grow on this platform, Um grande abraço companheiro!

  24. Just subscribed, these videos are such high quality for the amount of subscribers you have

  25. Don't hit me :DD but I was very upset by the parkour in spider-man… I saw similar mechanics a few years ago on the channel "Ghost Future". I'm really looking forward to cool games with cool parkour

  26. Woah with this kind of quality videos i'd think you'd be a 100k subscriber channel thats amazing you deserve way more

  27. damn, popped up in my feed, genuinely thought I was watching a 100k+ channel, turns out it has 41 views. Nice of the algorithm to throw me something like that once in a while, eh?

    Also, ive checked out ur channel real quick, and i kinda like it, but you need to find ur thing. Like i have no idea if the next vid will be an AMV, letstplay, video essay or anime review – and it makes it real hard to sub even tho i like all of the things you do on this channel.

    If I had to suggest – less randomness. Like once a month u post a video essay and a letsplay every week or something.

    And again – im just a random internet dude who happened to find you, and if this channel is just for you to post the things u like im in no way discouraging it, just fair criticism as a viewer and potential sub.

    I swear, u have the qualities of a 100k+ channel, so really looking forward to seeing where this goes

  28. okay, but just wait until a proper vr parkour game comes out. thatll actually be insane

  29. I can't believe you didn't mention Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

    As someone who is an equal parkour maniac as you and has played all the possible games with advanced traversal system, I am telling you – this game offers the best parkour system in the history of gaming and for many years nothing will top it.

    The game has so many parkour moves and the level design is simply genius – sometimes I can't tell whether I am so good at parkour, or is the city literally puting on all the legdes, ropes, platforms, lamps and windows as I go so I can keep the flow.

    On the other hand maybe you won't like it because in Dying Light 2 parkour is a part of overall big action RPG so you have to unlock skills, tools etc. but for me it's actually the best part. You can experience the progression of parkour in terms of your in-game character as well as your skills as a player.

    Parkour overall is a big element of the game. Hell, even one of the most important main storyline quest focuses the most about the fact that you are climbing a high building because nobody else before you wasn't able to do that. Other characters are impressed and happy about it, amazing music kicks in and yes – traversal, not killing morbilion zombies or bandtis is the thing that the game focuses on the most in this moment. It's really something unique in terms of video games and I absolutely love this about DL2.

    I really recommend trying out Dying Light 2 although you have to take a different approach to it when compared to Mirror's Edge.

  30. I clicked on this video while thinking you are some of the million 1000000 sub youtuber because of the good quality, but you only having 170 subs is crazy. Keep up the good work man.

  31. I was in love with Mirror's edge ever since I was a kid.
    it got me really sad because not much were talking about it.
    after mirror's edge I love Dying light too. it's parkour is cool and between that you can slay zombie with you drop kick BOOYA!

  32. cries in titanfall 2
    but seriously, amazing video, just put all my feelings for wanting some decent ass parkour in games in a video so thank you for that. ghostrunner filled the void temporarily because there is only so many times i can replay the story sadly

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  34. Dying light… Dying light…. DYING light….. DYING LIGHT!

  35. wow, almost 2 years of content on this channel and only 191 subscribers. the algorithm treating you dirty. hopefully it's only upwards from here with the quality you provide

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