Parkour GEAR Tier List! (ROBLOX PARKOUR)



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  1. hey bro my adrenaline its not jumping highter :C

  2. I finally understand how to become speed with this video-

  3. you can dash with magrope Tutorial:Step 1 – go next the ball ( if it is near a wall )Step 2 wallboost on top of the ballStep 3 go away from a ball ( but u can reach it )Step 4 wait for the fall and once u can grab onto it Shift + EStep 5 halfway through let go of itStep 6 wallrun and let go ( do another wallrun to upgrade the speed )

  4. I know they're not really gears you can just use mid-run (for reasons like the spyglass slows you down), but he skipped Spyglass, Zipline and Spring Kit and he also basically skipped radio

  5. Is gearless dash still available to do nowadays?

  6. Mag rope is now A-B tier cuz its got physics and can be used for gaining and saving speed

  7. bloxy cola sucks, you can just reset to restore your health

  8. Actually Grappler Suck So The Reason Why its sucks cause players can use it very well

  9. just to let you know, you may have accidentally not reviewed zipline kit, spring kit and spyglass.

  10. strangely, i also did a tier list yesterday but of course i didn't film it 10/10 video btw lmao

  11. tip: to get more health in bloxy cola press ctrl and c or if the bloxy cola started ctrl

  12. Adrenaline is S tier from me

    – It can reset ammo
    – faster
    – healing

  13. grappler is only good if youve been using it for very long

  14. Grappler plus wingsuit is really fun if you do grappler dash and then use it if you go really fast on grappler dash you can shoot really far

  15. The current meta is wallrun dashing. Yeah sure u can still grapple dash or mag dash, but without wall run dashing, you can barely travel as far as you would with the dashing.

  16. the gears u put in D in the past was extremely fun exploring the map using it, when it was a parkour game, not spider man simulator

  17. Pov when pg is the only gamepass on the game

  18. I got the mag rope in my first 30 minutes of playing for the first time on mobile not knowing the controls still-

  19. İm qgree whit you but i think wingsuit must be s bc it just smashes ur combo

  20. I wish there are more magrope balls , if there is I can just fly of the map

  21. I think mag rope should have been put higher because its probably the most fun you can have in parkour atm also it can reset your wallruns and wallclimbs

  22. mag rope after its reroll is a tier because of fall cancels and its availability

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