Parkour in Among Us

We play a Parkour Map in Modded Among Us!

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Mod by

• Video Editor ► Russell

• Thumbnail Maker ► Flash

• Animator ► David

​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu – Such Fun
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  1. hi ssundee i am a fan of your vids and my dad passed away this afternoon and your vids help cheer me up thx keep puting in the effort bye

  2. I am good at it why didn't It turn blue it turned white!

  3. iffarggggggggvvvvvb jnfhbrfvuhb rfvuhbrfvuhbrfvuhbrfvhbfvuhbfvhbr fvjnrbfvuhbrfvuhbrfvhbrfvhbr fvuhbrfvuhbrfvuhbfvuhbfvhbfvujhrbfvvjhnb fvuhbrfvuhbrfvuhbrfvuhbrfvuhb rrruhfbvuhhhhhbbbbbbbbbuhbbruhuhb rr

  4. Every body gats depressed cuz there not good at parkour cuz the like button turns white

  5. The way how he completely missed the show

  6. Iamk8 hasn’t been in a lot of videos put her in more

  7. when ssundee said ¨say that to my flamethrower!!!¨ had me dieing off laughter

  8. Biffle is a foot
    Lol sorry Ssundee told me two biffle

  9. Kippo and hibo, Apprentice biologists says:

    why is the like button purple-

  10. i’m not hating on SSundee bc ima fan but how did you get “stuck” u were clearly moving until he was 1 hit then you got unstuck

  11. woody: Buzz your flying!!

    Buzz: Im not flying im falling in style!!

    SSundee: your not flying You're falling with style.

    5:06 -SSundee 2022

  12. Yay it turned blue well cyan But that is a type of blue

  13. virgilio eugenio verissimo gonçalves says:

    My one turned black ssundee not blue

  14. ssundee i have 20 shoes im a better parkor master

  15. I play Parkour to
    In Roblox it’s really fun
    It got 1k likes

  16. insteed of itll turn blue say itll confetti

  17. Blue as the blueberry but below them Robert the Bruce not my blue you were definitely isn't boring this is this your trolley cool you're surely cool you're truly cool your choice the choice

  18. I playedparkour in the video game on Roblox and it's called parkour

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