1. Bro, I'm a Parkhurst it's not fake I know many people who can do this by myself this hurts, and your full of shit

  2. I do parkour an I don’t fake it 😂😂😅😊😮

  3. The green screen dude is wearing a grey hat…

  4. So I watched ur videos for nothing 😡😡😡

  5. Bro parkour is real maybe that Guy is fake but parkour is real you just say this bc you cant accepte such of incredible sport

  6. Wait so I would see a floating blue hat

  7. Just a way to spread a dumb lie that some idiots will believe and tell others being unable to understand the joke. But good one guys

  8. So the green screen person is helping you write the green grass green trees would also be invisible

  9. I know the parkours weren't real because the person with the green costume has a cap and a rope attatched to them so the rope snd Cap would still be seen

  10. Hire someone to reply to the haters in this comment section..
    I know it's a joke because why would you admit without showing any guilt?

  11. How could he do it that’s impossible

  12. The people who don’t get it as a joke are probably having a panic attack right now💀

  13. oh what until i saw the comment i thought it was real

  14. The things you are saying are fake💀

  15. If his hat is invisible that's not how it works

  16. Bro is not parkour bro you just jump That's it 💀

  17. Bro I didn’t know it was fake until I tried

  18. Should have posted this on april 1st so people would actually understand that its a joke 😂

  19. Just imagine if parkour actually was fake lol😂

  20. The amount of people who don’t get this is a joke….💀

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