Parkour Kids Level Up at the Gym

Learn parkour from us from ANYWHERE:

The next generation of parkour athletes from Unparalleled have been working hard all winter on progressing their skills.


  1. Imagine seeing someone using those skills to climb a tree

  2. Covid basically ruined my parkour life. I was 10 when I first started, and I was pretty decent. Covid then came along, and my parents were safety crazy. They wouldn't even let me go anywhere. I said I could wear a mask, but they still didn't want to hear it. 2 years passed by, I'm 12 now and I can barely do a shoulder roll. The places I visited in the past are just gone now. 😔

  3. The only time I did Parkour as a child is when my aunt who raised me got out the belt. 😄

  4. This is that kind of talent and skills that will make you as the most popular kids in school

  5. I am 15 and these kids are better then me at parkour I mean I am not as experienced as these kids but there better then me

  6. If only these guys were 5 year olds would make it a movie

  7. There was to many flips in the parkour and flips are more like a free runner type thing

  8. Im 18 I climb buildings but I couldn't do half the things these kids are doing

  9. The one with glasses is like dude I can do better

  10. Bro how old are these guys I’m 14 and still can’t climb at the park xd

  11. When I was 10 I could perfectly could do a roll but now it’s pretty hard to me without getting hurt

  12. I suck a little bit at rolling but I am extremely agile at jumping and doing vaults

  13. I am super good and I’m nine but my mom and dad JSUT won’t let me pursue my dream ti be a parkour master so they put me in karate

  14. Where is that i wanna try that

  15. my dream is do parkour but my countre is not have gym parkour😭😭😭

  16. How cool can there be a parkour academy in my city it's not too bad there's only martial arts with the Azulim Cultural Space

  17. Я не пойму, как снимал оператор. Камера пролетает над теми конструкциями, по которым пробегают мальчишки.

  18. Im just 11 and i wish i could do parkour but i cant even do a flip

  19. I can do a wall climb,roll,cartwheel,front hand spring and precion

  20. Not an overweight kid in sight. Keep moving!

  21. A hora q tirar o quadril do lugar, quebrar o fêmur …vai ficar bom e bonito

  22. Cool but u need to encourage more girls to join

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