Parkour Kids Level Up at the Gym

Learn parkour from us from ANYWHERE:

The next generation of parkour athletes from Unparalleled have been working hard all winter on progressing their skills.


  1. 👍👍💪💪🚶🏃🤸🏋️😁😁

  2. When your skill level matches that of a six-year-old that wasn’t from a hardcore culture.

  3. Very very well. ¿De que material esta hecho esos obstáculos?

  4. Yoo i wanna go to a place like that 🙂

  5. Nice parkour btw there's a place in ingland that u can go and do straight parkour I got there and now I literally climb buildings like their nothing😂ans am only 14😂😂😂

  6. I see these parkour every day

  7. 2割引き 999 Risa 2waringring HAW says:

    If you feel pain before or after exercise, is there someone to talk to? Is there a dedicated doctor, nurse or psychological counselor assigned in this gym or online chat etc.???

  8. 2割引き 999 Risa 2waringring HAW says:

    Do you know the cork wood??? Can cork be used if you feel that this horn is dangerous???
    It may be a social study to negotiate whether you can get cork wood for free at restaurants etc..
    Thank you!!!

  9. 2割引き 999 Risa 2waringring HAW says:

    Do you try movie stars???

  10. Only if I were there I would be doing a 360 from a higher safe block

  11. Trofeo logrado encontré un compañero de trabajo solidario de bien acá andamos en casa con mi hijo y mi gata

  12. acho que ia conseguir fazer o parkour numero 1

  13. It's funny because kids are just standing watching in the Background😂

  14. sick! great job guys. so many strong athletes!!! hope you will do a new video with them in 2022

  15. These are kids that don't mess around in a game of tag

  16. They got some sick moves… but the lack of women/girls in parkour is ridiculous.

  17. Actually, people in this sport need train from young times… I'm to old for this, 45 years old… But this future stunts is amazing!

  18. man if your kids can outrun you you got problems lmao this kids are incredible

  19. I occupy one of these places in my city 🙁

  20. けねいぇつお says:

    Bro we in india we don't have like those obstacles but we do it on the street

  21. Wasting their lives, they should be out vandalising bus stops.

  22. awesome what a way to get kids healthy ….see them in hong kong police escape in a couple years

  23. I’m just here thinking how these kids would rock at don’t touch the floor, the floor is lava

  24. it's too dangerous to learn how to backflip. u guys need to stop to misguide those innocent souls.

  25. 😎💪💪💪🦸‍♂️

  26. Hey, baby boy. How old are you?😊

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