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  1. you do reliz that time and placing dont matter or get recorded

  2. They should make this game so that you can b-hop or something similar, that would be cool as hell

  3. Am I right to think that the creator of this game also made SUPER HOT?

    Idk the graphics look very similar.

  4. Comment Central ⚡Funny Youtube Comments says:

    Keep the number of likes on this comment even!

  5. Hi, please talk about me in your next video. Do you know what Terraria is?

  6. The old intro is back?! Oh my god im gonna cry

  7. 7:50 jumping several truck lengths on top of hundreds of trucks that dont care in the slightest about crashing is fine, but with lasers, now its unrealistic.

  8. Any1 else realize how ant is really copying vikkstar123. Ant sucks now he was good but now he is not

  9. It's freaking amusing how much gets into this game

  10. Reminds me of Freeway Fury, a 2D game on notdoppler…

  11. everyone go and subscribe to a channel called detex nation plz it would mean the world to me

  12. dude, do this game while eating those ghost pepper chips! it would make for a great video

  13. Please do not hate :|. Hey, excuse me, but I really need help for some homework – a computer code/program for Informatics class, I really do not understand computer languages :. This is the condition for the program/code – Write a program that finds the highest mark in student(school) class(grade)(group) 'V' for Informatics class and who is the first student that has A(6) mark(rating)(assessment).[I have to use (C#)C sharp computer language]. Really appreciate the help :D.

  14. Do the ghost pepper chips every time you fail a level

  15. Come sub and look at my channel. The channel name is Andrewz Vids

  16. Muselk and WeaselZone had the highest amount of levels that I know Muselk had 50 and I think WeaselZone had 42-47

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