Parkour Pro plays Rooftops & Alleys

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Rooftops & Alleys and even though I’m definitely not the best skilled player in the game, here are my two cents as somebody who does Parkour in real life. It’s insane seeing some of the lines people are putting together, here’s just one example:

Get the game here:

Learn Parkour for real real here:

Music by Epidemic Sound:


  1. Would be cool if you tried Tricking 0, it focusses more on tricking but has a parkour mode too

  2. Jason, have you played Mirror's Edge, or the reboot on this channel? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  3. if you want a parkour game try mirrors edge. it release over 10 years ago but still is ahead of its time and is really realistic.

  4. makes me even more excited to Storror Parkour Pro, which is way more of a pure, realistic parkour game

  5. its cool to have a balance bc to me i feel like i cant do parkour

  6. This is the content I subscribed for! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Jason did you see Freejack online? It's a multiplayer parkour game from 2010s that's being revived. A beta is just about to end.
    It's definitely on the anime/arcade/jet set radio side of things but I've been playing the beta and it's really fun when you're racing with other people.

  8. the slides and barswings would be sick to see in the game!

  9. i like how this game literally added poles to slide down the day this was uploaded lol

  10. Glad you played this, Iโ€™ve been getting so many videos for it in my recommended

  11. I had a feeling you were gonna do this and I'm glad you did

  12. For judging jump distance I think it would be good if there was a marker on the ground to show u where u would land based on the jump strengh your applying.

  13. It remembers me a bit about the game "Free Running" from 2007. I think not many people know this game and it feels very old but i have loved this game

  14. It's like a Parkour version of Rider's Republic. I love that game. I haven't even started a career in anything. I just go ZEN Mode.
    They got alota moves. I wouldn't get too upset about what it doesn't have. Remember it's a video game. Never meant to replace the real thing. It is something fun to do while recovering tho…. lol
    You're like "That would be so much easier in real life…." yeah, for you it would. lol
    When you get too far into things you have developed into your own style of parkour. You can't expect all of that to translate into code programing for game controller. It's just too intricate. I mean it's in your mind and dna on a cellular level. They don't have enough buttons for all that.
    I'd play it. When does it come out for xbox ?

  15. Rmemener you can also creste a checkpoint by pressing one od the buttons of the dpad instead of walking back

  16. I see this game as a spiritual successor to the phenomenal Free Running for the PS2. MAN I loved that game.

  17. Just wanted to note that yes there is of course only 3 maps if the game is still early access. That just seems logical.

  18. The developer is a really nice guy, and I know that your feedback will help him improve the game. Thank you. (He did add poleslides, yessss)

  19. Does it have back and side ejects like Assassin's Creed? I love the parkour in that game

  20. You guys should check out storror parkour pro

  21. @theparkourgame this is AWESOME. Now imagine a free roam and you can go around finding spots and doing graffiti ๐ŸคŒ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘€

  22. Check out storror parkour pro still in alpha stage

  23. Now we just need some chill multiplayer, and a game of tag with tricking points

  24. Is 127 โ‚ฌ not a little steep for a beginner parkour course. if they try it and dont like it, then never use it again then it is kinda a waste of money

  25. they already got mods too the assasin's creed map is insane

  26. I've been dying for years to see 3rd person parkour games. I especially love games that seem simple to play but have a lot of room to master. It's great when falls & failing is a big part of it in fun ways. Excited to see where this goes and other games like it. Some more arcade like some more simulation like

  27. bro ive been into parkour for 16 years never to make money just as a sport there used to be a group in my city when i was 16. watched free-running take everything over now everyone calls free-running parkour despite it was invented by an american marketing company to make parkour more relatable to skateboarding.. is there any money in parkour sponsorships for you anymore bro? i miss seeing people freerunning and doing parkour in movies and ads

  28. Game will never be real parkour. It shouldn't try. But if you have similar feeling with no hurt danger, that's win.

  29. Anyone else think they should make this like skate 3 which the challenges and career mode + online spot battle where you get points for every trick combo๐ŸŽ‰

  30. Hi jason! by pressing the down button you can place the respawn point where you are and return to it at any time by pressing up. Furthermore, if you go and see the controls there are some tricks you haven't done yet, nice video anyway ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  31. I think it's the best so far. Not great but not bad

  32. i got up the slide by precision jumping over and over again , itโ€™s super finnicky though but i think the exploration aspect of parkour is so important

  33. Like SkaterXL, the hard tricks are way easier than the easy tricks… They dont perfect the games and its just not fun after awhile. Its too realistic but also not realistic at all.

  34. Bro this is a very well made video with such valid criticisms.

  35. when you jump and press a trick in a direction, you do some different tricks, like in tony hawks… if hold he can do more times depending the tricks.

  36. mixing this game with the FreeJack revival
    Rollerblade Parkour racing MMO
    would be peak

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