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Big parkour city, winding streets, what a wide margin for a stunt man! Express yourself in body language. сompete with rivals, participate in street parkour battles, train and develop your abilities.
Try all 3 UNIQUE MODES of Parkour Simulator 3D: Stunts And Tricks.
STORY MODE: make your own story.
Be a part of the street life and make your own decisions. Change every episode of the plot. Choose how the story will end.
DAMAGE MODE: ragdoll simulation.
Make your parkour runner fall from roofs, bump into crates, hit trash bins and do everything to gain as many damage points as you can. Don’t worry, he is still alive.
BATTLE MODE: compete and become a parkour star
Choose and customize your runner and be number 1 on the leaderboard.

sidestep to the left/right to avoid obstacles
jump over/slide under obstacles that can’t be avoided
high jump to climb
long jump to overcome a gap.

Parkour Simulator 3D: Stunts And Tricks FEATURES:
**Extreme parkour simulator in 3D**
**Stunt mania: lots of cool stunts and tricks to perform**
**Unique story plot, chance to change every chapter**
**Difficult road ahead from amateur to parkour star**

Run and jump wherever you want and perform parkour with Parkour Simulator 3D: Stunts And Tricks!


  1. cool game!
    It is different, not like other games parkour
    very difficult, but interesting !!!!!!!

  2. Worst game ever the running sucks same as sound effects and he looks ugly

  3. That game was so stupid that is a one star game

  4. Hey do not bully that gamer he gave everything that he could do name in roblox:Awsomeboy_Cool24423

  5. coe inscreve no meu canal me ajuda a chegar a 100 inscrito

  6. Nlz meu nome e jean se lenbra de min

  7. Si es malo ajasjjaishdfuaheifdauehdiaufh

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