Parkour Spiral v2 Speedrun in 7:47

Speedrun of the second version of Parkour Spiral on Java Edition. This run was mostly good, only one failed jump, other than that timeloss came from small execution mistakes. This run could go down to at least 7:30 with harder strats I would say.

Map by Hielke :
Website :
Twitter :

Music from :
TGH – The Whip’s Memory
Youtube Link :
TGH’s OCRemix page :

DDRKirby(ISQ) – Air Man’s 9-bit Rock and Roll
Youtube Link :
DDRKirby(ISQ)’s OCRemix page :

My twitch channel :
Hielke Maps Speedrunning Discord :
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  1. how did u got a boost at 1,35 in the vid i just don't understand it

  2. shave of 20 seconds for me. i have to be the first to say WYSI

  3. Батя рассказывает как добирался до школы в детстве.

  4. When ur mom call u to have dinner in 10 min:

  5. HAHA im gonna be a famous annoying png youtuber for troll🥰

  6. Еьать челу делать нехуй было

  7. por que ponen la musica de Richter belmont de fondo xD

  8. This what the png youtubers use for the background

  9. ohh i know this map, this is meowblahh background thing…..

  10. эту карту аид с дэмом проходили?

  11. me: wow how did he have enough time on his hands to practice that much?
    "published in 2020
    also me: oh that explains it

  12. actually, when I was watching it I tried to answer "why does he hold Q all the way?" and only at the sixth minute I understood that he just rebinded sprint from default CTRL to Q. damn, such easy question took so long time, what a shame!

    btw thanks for attaching 8-bit music! brings me back the time playing Knights of Pen & Paper 2!

  13. A quantidade de inscritos combinam exatamente com o vídeo

  14. He doesnt want checkpoint checkpoint wants him

  15. This video was in a dhar mann video lol, "streamer is caught cheating, what happens next is shocking".

  16. I think 8n 4:27 you could used the jump damage slime to gain 2 seconds

  17. Give me some permission to use you great clip 😉

  18. Wow someone that has been chatting for 8hr

  19. Dude dhar mann stole ur video.. sue him 🙂

  20. I calculated and if you would not have taken those 1 sec brakes and that fall in the last round, this could be completed in 7:36 secs, but anyways good job

  21. Bro I have also played this map and I took 2hours and 30minutes to complete it

  22. Yo tarde una semana y luego me aburrí y me puse en creativo :,v

  23. А зачем он держит кнопку Q. ??

  24. Nice bro how you do this very fast v.v.good bro very nice

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