Parkour Spiral v2 Speedrun in 7:47

Speedrun of the second version of Parkour Spiral on Java Edition. This run was mostly good, only one failed jump, other than that timeloss came from small execution mistakes. This run could go down to at least 7:30 with harder strats I would say.

Map by Hielke :
Website :
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Music from :
TGH – The Whip’s Memory
Youtube Link :
TGH’s OCRemix page :

DDRKirby(ISQ) – Air Man’s 9-bit Rock and Roll
Youtube Link :
DDRKirby(ISQ)’s OCRemix page :

My twitch channel :
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  1. hi I have a YouTube channel, I'm from Brazil, I'm going to use your gameplay in my video but I'll leave the credits for you, if you don't want me to use it, just say and I'll take it out of the video

  2. The video shows two superhumans: a speedrunner and Steve. The speedrunner did almost everything perfectly, so he is superhuman, and Steve is superhuman, because he runs almost non-stop for almost 8 minutes and jumps endlessly, not only that an ordinary person cannot do it, but even people with good physical training are not capable of this.

  3. pov: your parents are explaining how they went to school 🎒

  4. Don't watch this part if you don't want your anxiety to scream in horror: 4:35

  5. This is the perfect example of what I feel when parkouring

  6. This is how my dad said this is how he goes to school

  7. Checkpoints: do I not exist?! You used to love me

  8. si ses toi qui a fait tout ce bravo pour ta percerverance

  9. My boy is tap strafing in Minecraft

  10. สุดยอดครับสุดยอดครับ

  11. He know he not
    fell so he not pressing pressure plate LOL

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