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  1. I’m so bad that if I raced against divided in vr in parkour I’d still lose

  2. It looks like the vid doin good so far let’s hope it keeps up going good cus I like your parkour content but your content still funny no matter what 🙂

  3. dude make differnet content like FISHING SIMULATOR 😊

  4. I just bought your shoulder pal cuz i just got bobux

  5. Alternate title: Divided heavily breathing into his mic for 7 minutes straight

  6. Nice video
    And if it's cuz the lavk of updates I agree ngl
    I left Roblox too

  7. I love this channel you are funny and very talented

  8. bro you in ur mic you were breathing so stronger but yeah its boring roblox parkour and im level uping too but its boring

  9. When you sayed oh look my yt channel!

  10. myt 15 you can clip the wall dlide good timing press space

  11. It'd be a great idea to do the same thing but with Roblox VR games.

  12. Hey divided, idk ifu know this but I actually rlly enjoy watching other content besides parkour. Please don’t quit bro ur channel is amazing.

  13. I subbed to his tick tock and his yt cause he make me laugh when I'm down XD.🗿👑

  14. imma watch this 1m times bc this is the only youtuber i know that does roblox parkour

  15. they should make actually a special parkour game for vr players so you can literally climb buildings and kill yourself in 360 vision ;-;

  16. Play gorilla tag that's a type on Parkour game and don't quit you introduced me to the game so if you leave I'm leaving with you

  17. Play what ever you want Divided, it's still super funny and enjoyable to watch. Whether it's Vr, Pakour, Combat warriors or anything it's still amazing to watch. I hope you don't have to turn to something you don't enjoy just for more people to watch, do whatever you want to play❤️. Love your content bro, keep up the great work🙏

  18. that bacon right that is actually me i was offline for 2 min

  19. Crazy how nobody is talking about bonelab, it's literal masterpiece of a game

  20. i feel like parkour reborn is gonna be based on stride, just look at strides map and look at parkour reborns map, they both have the same play style

  21. me when i saw divided's bonelab maid outfit: SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH!!!!!!

  22. Good work keep it up❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊😊

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