Parkour vs Cops Rooftop Escape | GTA 5 RP

GTA 5 RP but I used parkour to escape cops after bank robberies. We was able to do rooftop parkour to escape the cops chasing me. I did as many bank heist as possible before the cops catch me. Using my new skills I was able to trick the cops with epic moves. The police tried to use high speed car & helicopters to catch me. If I get caught and taken to jail I lose all my money from the bank jobs. This GTA RP episode is wild! Packed with action like cop chases, bank heist, robberies & revenge. Also packed with funny moments as well. Enjoy!

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✫ Video Production by Higher Vision :

➤ Edited by Vondrel :


  1. Opie hear me out what if u made a drag indestructible pontiac that can go invisible

  2. I first started watching tryten and i saw French and i wanted to see more French but I wanted to watch some one with a deep voice likes to swear but not a lot very funny and funny content when i found this channel my life turn arowned and i never looked back😊

  3. poopie maneuver become "poopie" maneuver when its become parkour 😂

  4. Since when did the Frenchman get that good?

  5. Wow ELANIP you have the crazy girl that chasing you because she like you soo much

  6. You should play as loki and rob stores with his powers.

  7. Extra Banana 🍌 LOVE So Much Lauren ❤

  8. I remember their being parcourt and version 2 I ain't got to say I think it was better

  9. Good choice of video robot cop is one of my favourite films you cannot destroy him because he is tough keep it up the good work make another one like it make the bad one and the good one

  10. He should do a video off all the fails he has done while recording.

  11. It would be great if ya'll use the grapple gun with ur parcour skills 😁😁😁

  12. Does Frenchie have a YouTube and if so should I go and comment(Frenchies moms got It going on with Opie Winston) on a bunch of his vids🤰🥖🥖

  13. And you guys let French fly the helicopter

  14. I would love to see one of these where Opie curses French with a yest allergy, where when ever French would touch a bread, HE WOULD EXPLODE!

  15. What if you created the indestructible rocket bus

  16. Hey have u seen the new update elanip they added a new jet or something costs 6 million

  17. “She needs a burger meal…. nine chicken nuggets”
    I’m fkn dead 💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣

  18. You should do this again but with a teleporting and flying car. Have the teleport only teleport the car a few car lengths (allowing you to dodge them hitting you or to dodge past traffic or walls/fences/road dividers) start off using invisibility like you did in this but once they start to counter it like this start using the teleport but only when visible at first so it seems like you can use one or the other at a time but not at the same time wait until they start countering that and then start using them both at the same time then if they start countering that start using flying but only when invisible and only to get away to then return from a different direction and always land before turning visible again. Also when you want to hit one of them on foot in the future always turn invisible first then run them over at high speed and then get out of their as fast as you can before you turn visible. This way they hopefully won't know what (or at least who) hit them at least not until later when they find out you are driving invisible cars around.

  19. What about next time you do this video use super jump and super speed because you are using old other things you can do add two more onto a super jump Super Speed you could be away in seconds

  20. u should ban the tasers for one day and see how well the cops can do with out them

  21. The fact that Elanip sat on top of a explosive box when the place was on fire and when it exploded he said what the hell killed me or what ever he said lmao that was the funniest clip in this video I don’t know the timestamp. But close to the end

  22. God dam i guess they’re playing football and just slide tackling everyone like SERGIO RAMOS

  23. You should’ve made it so you could run a little faster also

  24. You 100% should change this so you could climb any building like it could be a skyscraper!! 😂😂

  25. Day 50 of asking Elanip to say sharp knife in Latvian

  26. Idk why, but Opie giving everyone infinite bananas is hilarious

  27. That looks just like Assassins Creed parkour

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