Parkour vs Cops Rooftop Escape | GTA 5 RP

GTA 5 RP but I used parkour to escape cops after bank robberies. We was able to do rooftop parkour to escape the cops chasing me. I did as many bank heist as possible before the cops catch me. Using my new skills I was able to trick the cops with epic moves. The police tried to use high speed car & helicopters to catch me. If I get caught and taken to jail I lose all my money from the bank jobs. This GTA RP episode is wild! Packed with action like cop chases, bank heist, robberies & revenge. Also packed with funny moments as well. Enjoy!

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✫ Video Production by Higher Vision :

➤ Edited by Vondrel :


  1. I was expecting more destruction 😢

  2. Idea:Rob the bank and escape with the cop car

  3. Mace a flash mod with your freind and thay flash to

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