Playing The Most Scuffed Firefighter Game

Fire fighting with the fellas is always chaos.
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  1. If you spray the top of the fire and put it out the water will fall down on the fire below putting it all out at once. See? You can put logic to anything. Even if it isn't good logic lol

  2. Just started the video, was highkey hoping to see Jack among the squad. Will update when done-

  3. Yo got in bed last night and was watching this hight and drunk so glad I decided to turn my phone off when I did before he gets stuck in the wall the noise of the chopper would of done me in lol

  4. You know it’s bad when the first couple seconds in a fire fighter game the quote is “You flew away!” And “That truck is gone!”

  5. Did you know on YouTube if you try to type you shoe siz they censor it like look at this my shoe size is **!

  6. 7:56 This group in cars is like little kids playing with toy cars 😂😂😂

  7. Smitty would you try GTFO with the boys? It would be really hilarious, seeing how Ready or not went, maybe you can do a campaign series if it goes well

  8. Soo.. Nobody gonna point out that he called a fire hydrant a fire extinguisher in the first minute of the vid? 😂

  9. I'd love to see a game with the newer tech Firefighters use like the Cobra cut system.

  10. Bruh why aren't you continuing with minecraft

  11. Bruh hwe talks ba about non ford trucks but i could say that just about all brands are better than fords cause it is hard to get anything out of the engine cause it is compact and they like to break down!!!!!

  12. i really thought you jus ended the video in 6 minutes

  13. im proud to see my cousins game is being played my Smii7y

  14. guys i breathed out and now theres orange people in suits all over me, send help

  15. Day 2 of reminding Smii7y that SONS OF THE FOREST is released!

  16. Smii7y!!!!! sons of the forest is outtttt for early accesses!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉 better make a vid about it

  17. At least i know im not the only one that calls fire hydrants fire extinguishers xD

  18. Hey smii7y I think the sons of forest has been release

  19. These videos really make my whole day and I would just like to say thank you

  20. Sometimes i think people made this goofy games specifically for Smii7Y and his friends

  21. You guys played this game the same day the woods next to my house caught fire

  22. "I have figured out how to do the water thing guys, I am God" XD LOL

  23. This game is fucking hilarious , I would really love to see more of it

  24. I can’t put my hands on it, but something tells me that you wouldn’t really want to trust these guys as a fire fire fighter 😂

  25. You need to play son of the forest I want to see you play with the boys on that game

  26. All right boys the backroom got an hug update let pry smii7y returns to it

  27. The unbridled agility of that helicopter was something else.

  28. the house is now charcoal black while the crew is still finding out how to play the game

  29. I'm gonna need a Son's of the forest series you guys.

  30. The clothing fire fighter wear doesnt make them impervious to fire
    Just resistant. They could still get injured by massive fire

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