Playing The Most Scuffed Firefighter Game

Fire fighting with the fellas is always chaos.
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  1. Yo sons of the Forrest be out right now! Keep up the great content!

  2. 1:38 imagine your trapped in the fire and you look out the window and see the firefighters doing that😂

  3. This is like the beginning of a bad but very funny joke. "Three firefighters run into a burning building. None of them come back out…

  4. Can’t wait to see the sons of the forest series come out soon. I’m pretty sure it just got released. Much love ❤❤❤

  5. Smitty confidently repeating carbon dioxide instead of monoxide is so funny

  6. sons of the forest is out you promised us the boys would play it

  7. You know flame retardant doesn’t mean fire proof

  8. Has Smii7y ever played TF2?
    It would be a very fun video even more with his friends from how content filled TF2 is

  9. Ground zero was the best joke of the bud 😂

  10. Don’t you mean carbon monoxide? Not dioxide? 😂😂😂

  11. Imagine being in the burning house waiting to be save and you just see these guys figuring how to put up a ladder

  12. This video brings me back to when I first started watching smi7y

  13. I miss "my friend who's an actual firefighter" only OGs know who he is

  14. 11:05 this is the house that the Vanoss crew put up 100s of ladders and never put out the fire. The house has been on fire still, waiting for Smii7y and friends to put it out

  15. Damn smii7y isn’t as funny when I’m not high

  16. 2:53 that tent is actually for when they get people out of toxic facilities that catch on fire

  17. ah, yes. Connect it to the fire estinguisher. Definitely not the hydrant.

  18. Sons of the forest gameplay has been released to the public

  19. I would love to play this game but I don’t know the name

  20. I cant wait to see you guys play sons of the forest

  21. Im gonna go ahead and need that sons of the forest gameplay with flom, tucker, and Eli…

  22. I love how Smii7y just consistently drives the wrong way down one-way roads the entire video, really funny. XD

  23. It get demonetized u guys swear at 29 seconds

  24. If they came to save me from a fire, I’d probably help the fire.

  25. I laughed so hard I broke a rib and popped a testicle

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