Playing The Most Scuffed Firefighter Game

Fire fighting with the fellas is always chaos.
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  1. Game developers look for glitches they look on these videos

  2. “Those few sessions I played with my friend who is like kind of a firefighter really helped here!”

    Smii7y a few seconds before saying this: “We have to connect the hose to the fire extinguisher” while looking at a fire hydrant.

  3. now i wanna see a 3 hours gameplay of this 😅

  4. Some might say this game is a bit buggy

  5. @smitty the new forest comes out in a couple days

  6. Funny that im majoring in fire technology, is this what in expecting😭

  7. So your gear is only to protect you from a certain degree of heat not fire itself you can still catch fire and burn and all that video was really funny like usual another firefighter approval lol

  8. Smii7y it’s carbon monoxide that cars release, which is poisonous, not carbon dioxide, which can’t be breathed in full quantities

  9. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Polarbea ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    This is clearly the best way to finesse a flame.

  10. This will always remain the most accurate simulator I've ever seen.

  11. If you want another simulator game that's lot's of fun play "Police Simulator: Patrol officers".

  12. Imagine being the guy in the building that’s burning and u here a man explain how to use a hose to the other fire fighters

  13. I’m in the firefighter academy so seeing this vid is my dream

  14. He’s widawee hitting da gwiddy on da wadder

  15. Day 1 of asking smii7y to play sons of the forest

  16. when smi7y says heat travels up he is right, and this is funny especially. when u watch it at the station

  17. i actually thought that the videos is over 5:59 at that moment

    The firefighters they got

  19. I started watching this, got 30 seconds through, and then my mind went blank and I slept for 3 hours.
    10/10 video

  20. i was about to find another vid to watch since i thought it ended after he tried to use the firemans pole XD

  21. Day 3 of asking SMii7Y to play “Requisition VR”

  22. I should not be watching you guys out of surgery

  23. So.. Firefighters are immune on being run over but not on taking fall damage?

  24. Transformers sound but its David Draiman from Disturbed

  25. quotes Kylo Ren "MORE" (we need more of these videos)

  26. 6:57 honestly i thought that actually was the end of the video and my first thought is "yeah. id do the same"

  27. This truly was a pretty scuffed game lol. But you make everything way funnier. So thank you for the amazing content of yours. ❤️❤️❤️

  28. I got to say Smitty’s recent videos have been hitting different

  29. "FLOM IS ANNOYING." only legends get it. smii7y gets it as well.

  30. you actually fooled me when you put on the outro right after you said "this game sucks"

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