Playing The Most Scuffed Firefighter Game

Fire fighting with the fellas is always chaos.
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  1. I love how tucker flies out of orbit and all he has to say to that is “uh oh.” In the most unphased way

  2. Day one of telling smii7y to play the new The Forest game

  3. helicopter + ladder
    place a ladder in the building

  4. literally watched a video from DAUKEY and SMIT7Y video is similar to his

  5. 10:42 still more knowledgeable about fighting fires than anyone on Station 19.

  6. You had me for a second there with that fake outro.

  7. I haven't laughed this hard at a video in a long time. Thank you so much for this beautiful video

  8. SMii7Y is the best youtuber to watch while eating, change my mind.

  9. Sons of the Forest just dropped recently. I am hoping and praying Smiity plays it

  10. Hawks little edits (5:40) always a great touch. The fan sounds killed me with the spinning dead guy lmao

  11. You should invite your firefighter friend to a session with your friends to see how that plays out.

  12. They turned fire fighting into space simulator somehow at the beginning.

  13. More simulation videls please these are awesome!

  14. If my house was burning and they pulled up as firefighters. I would just rather collect my Insurance check


  16. I fell asleep and woke up to this, thought I was having a stroke because I understood nothing. 6:50

  17. Carbon dioxide is what you breathe out…

  18. Day 4 of requesting you to no longer include flom in videos

  19. Hey Smii7y the Forest 2 has come out. Would love to see you play it with the boys.

  20. Somehow it’s surprising that first mission took y’all like 15-20 minutes in total normally for how hectic this squad is it feels like it would be a hour

  21. Petition for smii7y to play valheim with the boys

  22. Smi7y you should play brick rigs it’s got everything Matt and frizzy and puffer would love even flom and Jericho

  23. Today i learned that neither of those 4 Muffins know how fires work and the consequences of walking into a room filled with superheated Carbonmonoxide

  24. cant wait too see smii7ty try to be a cop and tase innocents

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