Playing The Ultimate Game Of Tag (extreme rooftop parkour)

15 of the world’s best parkour and freerunning athletes came to the beautiful Greek island of Astypalea to compete Red Bull Art of Motion, and as part of the elite freerunning competition we invited them to take part in the ultimate urban parkour challenge, beginning with a game of tag 🏃‍♂️

Special thanks to all the awesome competitors 🙌
@DomTomato @bob_reese @verky @EdScottProductions @StefanDollingerPk @TwinParkour @lilouruel @elistorhall3622 @TRICKePARKOUR @KowalewskiKrystian @noa_diorgina6793 @mirandatibbling9302 @SydneyOlson

#RedBull #GivesYouWiiings #Parkour
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  2. Hey red bull give me a sponsorship for a gaming community

  3. 1st place goes to the athletes for being absolute beasts. 2nd place goes to the editors for making this video engaging as hell 🔥

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  5. How I imagined tag with obstacles around as a kid

  6. next life we need dogs an a campingmobil and we made red bull missing childs

  7. I might just start watching this content more often

  8. Red bull please make this an actual event and also maybe a Parkour relay like a 6 person team vs another 6 person team in an obstacle course race

  9. Seandainya di negara saya ada perlombaan seperti ini, pasti seru.👍💪

  10. Parkour parkour,, Red Bull gave me wiiings, F___ You Zombies. 😁

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  16. Congratulations Red Bull on exactly 11,1 mil subscribers.
    It's been a journey!

  17. If you haven't watched Alice in Borderland… watch it! The one episode of tag is fantastic.

  18. Does Red Bull sill want to operate in Russia now that Vladimir Putin is a wanted criminal by abducting children? Is this something Red Bull supports ?

  19. Ngl this is better than MrBeast stuff

    Not ever edited and super fun XD

  20. Here I am at 50 years old, watching this and the sad thing is I never was able to do this when I was 20 years old either 🙃

  21. hi I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩.please try to come in Bangladesh for make to Parkour video.

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