PlayStation Plus Extra – March 2023 (PS+)

This month’s PlayStation Plus Extra line-up dropping on Tuesday March 21st

0:00 – Extra Intro
0:15 – Tchia
0:57 – Immortals Fenyx Rising
1:43 – Ghostwire Tokyo
2:45 – Rainbow Six Extraction
3:33 – Uncharted Legacy of Thieves (2 Games)
4:34 – Untitled Goose Game
4:55 – Street Fighter V Champion Edition
5:10 – Life is Strange 2 & True Colors
5:50 – Rage 2
6:09 – Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
6:20 – Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
6:43 – Neo: The World Ends with You
6:55 – Haven
7:50 – PS+ Premium

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  1. The problem with this service is, if you want to play this stuff you probably already own it

  2. "I'm Adam your awesome"
    No this is Patrick!

  3. Very nice additions in March. I guess I’m going to renew. My sub ends in a few days

  4. I do find useful to know what is leaving the service additional to what is coming, thanks.

  5. thank you fo r your hard work God bless you and your loved ones

  6. Glad dBz kakarot is coming was finna buy then saw it was coming to ps plus W line up Sony & PlayStation keep adding that heat 🔥

  7. Greedy cunts at Sony only put the ps4 version of Kakarot on here. 30fps? No thanks.

  8. Kakarot just for PS4 when the PS5 one is free Is a joke, but great month in general (i will wait some time to see if they'll maybe add the ps5 version of db before download it)

  9. Since when is 7/10 an average score? Wouldn’t that be 5/10.

  10. Does anyone have problems with not being able to download the ps5 version for dragon ball z kakarot?

  11. mid month? also its the 21st still dont see them

  12. Just got a message from Sony on my ps, saying they added new games, but the catalog isn't showing anything new.

  13. Why this videos look more hd than the HDR videos from the PS4?

  14. Im trying to access the Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition however it says the game is unavailable due to already owning Street Fighter 5. My delima is I want to play with the full 40 character roster. How can I rectify this? Anyone else having this same issue?

  15. Unfortunately I’m still gonna pay 14.99 for DBZ Kakarot, fuck the PS4 version 🤦🏾‍♂️, bunch of cheap ass mf’s.

  16. Can someone help me out here? I've got sfv and a couple of character seasons on it yet because I own SFV, it's not allowing me to download the championship edition. Is there some sort of workaround there?

  17. Is it just me or does neo not pop up on ps extra?

  18. Damn sucks they didn't give us the ps5 version of dbz karakot. That 30fps rufff

  19. Horizon zero dawn was also never informed about that

  20. Why is the Immortals Fenyx game only on the Clashing Rocks map, can't be on other maps

  21. The only one I haven't played yet was, The Lost Legacy, Cant wait for that to b Free 💯

  22. this is so random but if anyone has the premium subscription, could you tell me if Fallout New Vegas works for you? whenever i try to play it i get a notification saying my internet isnt good, but i use a LAN cable and all other games i stream work fine. i tried contacting sony through their website but they were no help 😞💔💔

  23. that is still crazy to me. "Greatly inspired by BoTW". It's an Ubisoft title. The company that was the Ford Motors of Open World, mass collector games. BoTW copy pasted their model so hard it hurts. Yet ppl still say that. Like this has been Ubisofts creed for decades. Assassin Creed 2007. BoTW 2017. hmmmm

  24. This helps support my journey of not buying any more games!

  25. I still think last month is still the best but that's my opinion

  26. Already played and platinum FF Type 0 it is an awesome good game.

  27. I was just thinking about buying ghostwire but didn’t wanna pay full price, it went on sale but I was still iffy bout it. THANK YOU

  28. I just love these videos. All the info I need in a short video. You are doing GODs work.

  29. Scrolling through the PSPlus catalog now. Where the fuck is Uncharted Legacy of Thieves? 🤨🤨🤔

  30. Still have to buy the street fighter characters 🤦🏽‍♂️

  31. Brilliant. Telling us what's leaving is very useful too. Will watch every month

  32. Well, solid entries this month, if sony keeps it up then maybe subscribing to extra or premium will finally be worth it.

  33. Wait so is ghostwire Tokyo on ps4 plus I hope it is 🤞🤞

  34. Once burnout 3 comes to premium I'll be upgrading… One day 😢

  35. Please keep the "games leaving" very helpful 👍🏻 love these vids. Thank you

  36. Ghost wire got platinum so I think is a fair review the games is good as long as you’re in the story. the collection is just a enormous amount you spent more time on collecting then the story. Side mission theirs nice 7.5/10

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