Professional Rock Climbers React to Uncharted 4 Parkour Moves | Experts React

What do these rock climbers think of how rock climbing/parkour is depicted in video games? Experts Natalie and John react to parkour gameplay from Uncharted 4 and shed some light from the perspective of actual experienced Rock Climbers.

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  1. Reactors thinking of real life and feeling amaze

    Me who had played many games like this thinks it normal😂

  2. Love the reaction!!! I like that professionals didn't said that game is not realistic and they actually enjoyed it… my favourite game of all time! (All parts) and I'm playing this game since 2009✌️

  3. I hate these videos cuz they always like to compare

  4. Why is the people playing so bad at the games

  5. I just bought every game in the series. I hope to enjoy 🙂

  6. I have question for you why is it called building if it is already built?

  7. I love to see it done accurately and the person playing isnt just speedrunning the climbing

  8. Professional Rock Climbers react to Getting Over It..

  9. I really enjoyed this video Until coronavirus kept talkin

  10. what's unrealistic is Nathan Drake's super human stamina, dropping off ledges to catch another ledge on your fingers, how long he can hold his body up on a bent arm while reaching for a ledge (see super human stamina) and how far he can jump up when doing a dyno but i mean overall, it's a game so it doesn't have to be realistic. It's not like we are playing Getting Over It XD

  11. Man this brings back memories look Sam and drake and sully

  12. Cuando lo traducirán a español

  13. Prince of persia series – I sowed the seeds of Parkour for the gaming history 😀😎

  14. The jumping, climbing and all that is actually computer generated animation. But naughty dog is always very good about getting the details right.

  15. Looks like a Ninja Warrior for me in Uncharted

  16. 2:37
    She: "You have to read the language of the wall"
    Me: "Yes, I see III, VI, IX, and XII on the clock"

  17. What is this aspect ratio its meant for 90s daytime television…

  18. I don't know why but whenever I play Uncharted 4 I don't feel nervous except falling and dying while playing the game, but while watching them.the climbing actually makes me nervous.

  19. Elena and Sully react to Nathan Drake climbing:

  20. Had to switch to YouTube bc on Snapchat it just went AD AD AD AD AD

  21. Anyone count how many times he said that’s just risky as h*ll

  22. 3:25 that looks like all the other stuff they said was accurate I don’t get iy

  23. Bro this video brings back sooooo many ps3 memories holy shit

  24. See they never mocked it once and respected the work that went in to this game. It will always be one of the best gaming series of all time.

  25. I love these people! They’re amazing!

  26. Hey Gamology how about a parkour expert recreates Uncharted 4 parkour. I would like to volunteer though for the position. For the past 4 months I've been training with a grapple, and I've unlocked almost all the grappling hook moves
    I've also been doing parkour for a handful of years now

  27. You know those hand holes in this game have no edges so Nathan should just slip right down but nahh that is weak Nate is a sigma male😤

  28. Yo Ninja, I know her from the Challenge mtv series she did one season, and now I'm watching her react to my favorite video game

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