1. Couple hiccups but fairly clean, gotta give it a like (wish I saw more runs like this on watch dogs 2, never got to post my clips 😮‍💨

  2. I feel like parkouring tracks like race tracks should be a task to do to earn some achievements or something in the Spiderman games. Maybe you could have to chase something or someone and have to parkour in the process? Maybe you could unlock new suits doing parkour?

  3. I want to see some Peter Parkour free running in a new Spiderman movie. I'm sure there's gotta be some actor who likes parkour and could do a free running Spiderman in a Spiderman movie.

  4. I cant afford a ps4 or even the game cuz i live in turkey. The Man fucked the entire Eco.

  5. Awesome video but I got extremely irked that you didn't stop the crime happening two or three blocks from you

  6. Would like to see him start running a bit faster
    In the comics he can run over 200 mph

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