“Ronnie Shalvis’ Pro Free Runner” an epic new parkour game brought to life with a hidden secret.
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Featuring Parkour Athlete Ronnie Shalvis

Geeky Kid: Aaron Sorenson
VFX, Cinematography and editing: Aaron Sorenson

Director and Stunt Coordinator: Chris Romrell from the CBR Stunt Team

Instagram @chris_romrell

Cinematography: Jared Fadel

Instagram @jaredfadel

Aerials by CineChopper
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  1. I really wanna get that game if it becomes like a public game

  2. The guy who bought the game I think is the person that says in the dance battles on ScottDW did you see that

  3. Great job, Ronnie. You have true talent and spirit. Amazing.👍

  4. One of the most realistic parkour games ever lol

  5. Funny I want my channel to be vid games and PARKOR

  6. This guy is the reason humanity is failing. (His voice kills)

  7. Did everyone see that this game on the box was a
    M rating

  8. I can see a different game under the Ronnie shalvis cover 0:16

  9. This guy sounds Gay and he sounds like annoying orange xD

  10. That is not cool or great … it is incredible !

  11. Idk if you don't this or not but do a dying light parkour video and have some one be the main antagonist and you as the protagonist

  12. Awesome vid this needs to be a real game "Ronnie Shalvis parkour and free running PS4 edition (sorry I don't like Xbox

  13. Imagine a game like skate 3 but for this

  14. Yeah…. Avoid playing games to not cause weird chain reactions

  15. More like freeruning and trickking game.
    What would have happened if some one was chasing him

  16. bro we need a 3rd parkour game it would be like skate 3 but yk better.

  17. When he screamed "Ronnie FASTERRR!!"

    I felt that.

  18. Normally I wouldn’t be laughing at this kind of video, I can tell it’s very cringe if I were sober, but being super drunk with my brain processing speed at an all time low I am laughing my ass off at this. This isnt a complement Edit: OK so never mind, even highly intoxicated to the point of my IQ dropping to a nine-year-old level, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is just cringe and stupid after a minute and 48 seconds of my life wasted, well I guess it’s not wasted I probably won’t remember this

  19. I really want this game to be a real thing though. Because I would like a game where the sole purpose is to just do parkour for fun. Like in Mirror's Edge I always thought it would be cool if you start off on the ground and then YOU have to be the one to figure out how you're going to get on top of all the skyscrapers and everything.

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