“Ronnie Shalvis’ Pro Free Runner” an epic new parkour game brought to life with a hidden secret.
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Featuring Parkour Athlete Ronnie Shalvis

Geeky Kid: Aaron Sorenson
VFX, Cinematography and editing: Aaron Sorenson

Director and Stunt Coordinator: Chris Romrell from the CBR Stunt Team

Instagram @chris_romrell

Cinematography: Jared Fadel

Instagram @jaredfadel

Aerials by CineChopper
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  1. why does it say ps4 on the title when you tap on it but it is an x box360 in the video

  2. The gamer is having a xbox remote but the game is of ps4

  3. The game for the Xbox 360 is so realistic that the character is actually real doing parkour out in the streets.

  4. Thumbnail was ps4, controller was xbox 360. physically vomiting

  5. If this game was real and didn't control a real person it would be the 5th parkour game and the 2nd freerunning game (exuding series) (parkour is wall running and vaults while freerunning is flips and stuff)

  6. I am a video game developer, i may be able to make something similar to this game. Tell me if you want me to.

  7. clickbait. En la miniatura del vídeo se puede ver un juego de ps4 y en realidad es de xbox360.

  8. You should look at mirrors edge it's a first person freerunning game

  9. Imagine this being a real game, besides mirrors edge…

  10. hahaha, ''I should have bought the Jesse LaFlair video game'' that really got me.

  11. you need to make a collaboration and make the Jesse la flair game!!

  12. In the thumbnail it said PS4 when he was actually playing on Xbox so frick'en funnny lol

  13. itms that game real yet?please tell me when it is

  14. Why this game is for mature and not for 10 years

  15. If this was a reall game i would definitely buy it💰💰💰💰

  16. I am slightly annoyed at the representation of the gamer in this video

  17. ubisoft can make such games. like assassins creed

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