“Ronnie Shalvis’ Pro Free Runner” an epic new parkour game brought to life with a hidden secret.
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Featuring Parkour Athlete Ronnie Shalvis

Geeky Kid: Aaron Sorenson
VFX, Cinematography and editing: Aaron Sorenson

Director and Stunt Coordinator: Chris Romrell from the CBR Stunt Team

Instagram @chris_romrell

Cinematography: Jared Fadel

Instagram @jaredfadel

Aerials by CineChopper
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  1. and why does the thumbnail say ps4 but he uses a xbox 360 controler

  2. lol should have gotten a Jessie La Flair games😂😂

  3. Did anyone else notice that the picture for the video showed the game for PS4, but in the video the game was for XBOX 360

  4. Why or you sound like anoiyng ornge

  5. Should have bought the Jessie La Flair game. lol.


  7. imagen if the Player was the parkourer if the video would be realy weird

  8. If you were to make a parkour game like this make it like assassins creed or watch dogs

  9. im not fully understanding the points system here….

  10. I want the Jesse la flair game… Ronnies game too.

  11. Não fãs sentido na capa do jogo fala que é para ps4 e o gordo joga no xnox

  12. i hate how people think they can do things without learning them. They think they have some special talent that allows them to look at something and mimic it perfectly. This video was cool and it explained exactly what I just stated. LEARN THE PARKOUR BOI! lmao but seriously very well put together and very entertaining. 10/10 lol

  13. "Shoulda bought a Jesse LaFlair game" xD

  14. imagine ! an open world game with parkour and freerun !

  15. imagine ! an open world game with parkour and freerun !

  16. I would fucking love to see a pro free runner game that would be sweet

  17. who else thought this was a real game befor they cliked the vid

  18. hey dude that was awesome real life video game

  19. Imagine a real life parkour game with open world,free running and no HUD

  20. can I get that for Xbox one? if you guys know of any good parkour gyms reply please

  21. ummmm….the gamer looks annoying orange voice lol

  22. that so fucking good ! good work guys <3 <3

  23. "should buy the jesselaflair game"

  24. Dude that is not even a PS4 control ???!!!

  25. But this is cool video either way fake or real funny

  26. "Hopely it will be soon . You never know …"
    Yeah i think 3 years is a "soon"

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