00:00 Intro
00:40 Shadows of November
03:15 Parkour Mobile
05:50 Courier
10:13 Exordium
15:18 Runner’s Path
20:34 Outro

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It works trust me.

Discord : Jweboman#3633​​​​​​

This video is child friendly/family friendly!

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  1. Still sticking with parkour tho cuz I feel like the others don't rlly feel like parkour too much and it feels awkward to play them

  2. I commented before the premiere finished lol

  3. it’s similar to parkour because it’s about parkour and the roblox game Parkour didnt make Parkour a thing

  4. te quiero mi vida <3

    jajaja es broma, bueno video B)

  5. i dont speak taco bell B)

    Parkour mobile: wow que realista :0

  6. I just want to thank you for all the tutorial you made i learned so much about parkour I really want to be an elite one day 😀

  7. I followed you on stream (Dimas23382h) i was annoying you lol and here`s my "Я РУССКИЙ"

  8. thank u so much… runner path was my favourite game but i lost is name.. but thanks to you u helped me find the name.. Deserve 10 Trillion subs

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