i am not very good at the parkour..

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  1. sketch lvl up so you get gears thats how they get em

  2. me who always plays parkour: ya aint few good

  3. When he saw a fish and he thought it was a burger it reminded me of the song “hamburger cheese burger Big Mac whopper hamburger cheese burger Big Mac whopper hamburger cheese burger bit bacon whopper Big Mac whopper Big Mac whopper Big Mac whopper”

  4. Sketch trying to get to the tallest building in the game

    Me on my mobile device relaxing at the highest point sketch was trying to get too

  5. as a level 100 parkour player… i have no idea what to say at all

  6. 6:04 there is a way to get up even with nothing (no gear and stuff) and also you kinda cheated the last building at 5:00

  7. When I played the game I had a sword on my
    Back lol

  8. Nobody:

    Sketch:*forgets how to roll and long jump*

  9. The Spoder Man Head Made me laugh so much and the t pose too

  10. theres are long jump for long jump moments

  11. advanced tutorial is for advanced people moves

  12. bro it was funny how he thought mag rope was a jetpack

  13. The entire parkour community: why is he using third person

  14. Bro at 48secs bro went to the backrooms💀

  15. You Buy grappler but you didnt khow how to use Bree

  16. Grappler can do grappler fall cance and can do grappler dash

  17. When he is playing Sketch: and im dead Me: HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. me: Sc3tch, play in first person
    Sc3tch: what is that?

  19. I’m god at it ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ ||

  20. i love it when other youtubers play parkour, i just wish they were at pro level 😂

  21. It was so funny how sketch smacked is face on the building

  22. There is no jet pack there is only spider man swingy thing

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