Roblox Parkour | Every Gamepass Gears Explained!!!

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  1. Back then when you had to buy a gamepass to get glider, grapller and adrenaline belt

  2. ah yes inglish
    "please do not send any hates to them"


  4. Adrenaline belt is the stim from apex legends octane character lol

  5. Vec what is the name of this background music? if anyone knows please tell me

  6. Why use Radio Gamepass if can just enable any soundhosting?

  7. It makes me feel better that parkour has a good staff and is active banning players that deserve it, is even better that they apologize when they make a mistake banning someone who doesn't deserve.

  8. I can just screenshot and then zoom in and look for a bag

  9. Guide of all gamepass
    Radio:people who wanna be dj ingame
    Glider:wanna bird like people uses that
    Grappler:your an lvl 250
    evo glove:an glove that evolve like a organism
    Spyglass its updated bro:for those who is a pirate of the bags
    Power grip:an item that is glued on walls
    Adrenaline belt:AM SPEED
    (Adrenaline belt unlocked in lvl 80 glider lvl 250 i think and grappler lvl 300

  10. Bobux spenders: I buy all of em so I can become good

    No bobux tryhards: we no robux we God we evolving we are super humans

  11. Hey that very cool demon looking half mask how to get it what's the name of the item

  12. We dont want you to get banned your awesome dude [You earned 1 sub] By the way what are the things that you use LIke what gloves gears?

  13. if i baught the grapple gamepass but then u level up to get the grappler , what would happen ? just not get anything then ?

  14. Sài Gòn chấm com Thiết bị gia đình says:

    Where Is FreeRunning

  15. Dang these staff banned you to jeez these guys are horrible at staffing

  16. i kinda think the binoculars should be free with a lv restriction cuz it only makes you look further
    edit: i have the gamepass lmao

  17. instead of buying radio u could listen to spotify instead its free anyway

  18. one thing if i'm right please answer below vecety you use Photoshop to make the images like thumb and gears right? and Wondershare Filmora X to edit?

  19. I like how he is casually getting insane ms and completes quick fingers in litterally basically every video, like seriously this guy is cracked

  20. Some of them u can collect from leveling up

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