Roblox Parkour | Every Gamepass Gears Explained!!!

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  1. [ Simple explanation ]1. Radio – Music | Mixer – Change the song's stats 2. Binoculars – Zoom in 3. Evo glove – Boost scales with your lvl 4. Powergrip – 50% Wallrun+ / Wallboost while falling 5. Grappler – Hook | Speed + Height 6. Adrenaline Belt – Speed up 7. Paraglider – Glide Pin this comment if you think it's better =D

  2. Evo Glove: Your glove power is scaled linearly between your highest unlocked glove and your next glove unlock, so if you were half way levelled between Black Glove and Master Glove, you would have Black Glove's power plus half the difference of Black Glove and Master Glove's power.

  3. How do you use freerunning gamepass on mobile?

  4. how many robux costs this video?
    yea its cool

  5. I don't rally like your play style but I like your content it's enjoyable

  6. Man I just like the way your videos are! 🙂 I always get happier when watching them 😀

  7. I want paraglider but I'm brrrrrrrrrroke

  8. No wonder why I saw vecetyp on unverified chat

  9. Bro how many robux does it cost when buying every game pass?

  10. Your just like my friend, except he didn't get unbanned. ):

  11. Yea VecetyP what i should do if ne wanna send challenge but with vpn my streamable dont wanna work

  12. I will ask you something, how do you get so many fps and how your game does not increase when your graphics are high, why do I always contract?

  13. Can you make a tutorial on how to double mag dash?

  14. Can you do a tutorial to the sliding on an edge then like going back again to the floor of the building
    The shift thingy

  15. I'm banned in parkour BC of raw points exploiting but I didn't hack they think I hack pls tell them unbanned me roblox name :cian_rut

  16. I am early right?
    I wont ask to get pinned today cuz u already pinned someone.
    Nice video.

  17. 1.Radio: Useless, makes kids waste money to play musics on their game even they can play the song on yt or some other software.
    2.Binoculars: For bag hunters and meme makers lol.
    3.Evo glove: Waste of robux just for a glove that doesn’t make u wcb higher( except for some ppl under 120 or smth)
    4.Powergrip Gauntlet: Was the best gamepass b4 Grapple came out.
    5.Grapple: For ppl to abuse it to do glitches and make hard tricks things.
    6.Adrenaline Belt: Drugs lol.
    7.Paraglider: For flying, flexing and also destroys combos.
    Thanks blwe for the template

  18. Im not hating but somewhere in the vid there is grammar fails

  19. I want atleast one o f the game passes but I iave no robux

  20. Hey pls tell me what music you used in the start of the video pls i need that music

  21. Bruh

    I really need power grip and grappler

  22. Doesn't the free running gamepass give you a slight forwards boost when you flip because it seems like that when I see vids but never actually works for me?

  23. How are you grappling like that? (When you grapple you fly to the grappling spot way faster than normal)

  24. So the EVO Glove and Prime glove makes u wallclimb boost higher?

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