Roblox Parkour (I’m super rusty)


  1. This game is good, but I wouldn’t call it a parkour game. Doesnt really focus on parkour. It focuses more on these superhero-esc tricks and gears that make you do inhuman things.

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  3. I dont use grapple hook to climb up there
    Its too easy

  4. If that is rusty then the whole parkour community is against me

  5. I just started playing and i had to ask my pro friend how to get a grappling hook XD

  6. Bro says his rus(has actually been playing for 10 days strait and is tryna flex)💀💀

  7. If you call that rusty than I should just quit cause I’m level 64 and I still can’t do a wall jump boost into a wall climb combo even on computer

  8. imagine having grappler and adrenaline without having skills

  9. Bro how can you get levels so fast?

  10. yo dude nice gameplay I wannna see you do a grapple dash on the side of a wall I use to be very very good at that

  11. the short above was mirrors edge catalyst
    proof how far hudzell got

  12. yo how did u make the adrenaline a diffrent color

  13. I can do it without gears and my record is 11 seconds

  14. Soo rusty lol…. Bro I need 5+ minutes to get up vortex you got up there in 5 seconds!!

  15. I cant even perform that double jump im trash at the game

  16. me watching this me: HOW THE FRICK DID YA DO THATTTT I CAN NEVER-

  17. Can you please:
    – Activate move feed
    – Activate keystrokes
    – Activate the debug info

  18. I suck i can't even do wall climb + double wallrun

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