ROBLOX Parkour – Racing the BEST player

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  1. You didn’t really win. All you did was cheat.. but Garth at was cool

  2. I miss you. I haven't watch your video for a long time :((

  3. something true:rp is not roleplay its roblox parkur

  4. ik this is pretty old but no grappler dash ?

  5. do you just get 49 for wall hopping bc u play a lot?

  6. lmao when you go to the Boruto fandom website and then go to another website where it tells who sakura (the roblox player and not the Naruto character) and cut it to make it look like theres an actual website for her. Smart.

  7. Kids: oh so you dont want to race? thats fine 🙂
    Teens: YOU SCARED? LOL

  8. they are literally like level 1k
    ive met that person before and they were level 750
    that was months ago
    and they grind the game all day everyday

  9. Why spend hours learning a trash game like parkour

  10. How do you double jump so fast?? My average is 144 MS

  11. ayo- you must have quick fingers. my fingers can only do 100 miliseconds 🙁

  12. the end was soooooooooooooooooooo funny

  13. It’s 2022 you don’t need to edit her videos anymore

  14. This vid should get the best YouTube video of the year award

  15. Sakura lied about 3 elites soo, he's not the best player

  16. Join my roblox server named (super easy obby for everyone!!)

  17. how do you get 30 ms wallclimbs? you are crazy

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