ROBLOX Parkour – Racing the BEST player

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  1. He was banner for his speed in the parkour XD

  2. the dhar mahn moral: girls can do what boys do

    my brain: it doesn't make any sense

  3. Bro I try to do the double jump on the walls and I can’t do it correctly

  4. Im notsure you can do any parkour in real life

  5. I cannot play parkour in roblox because I am on a IPad

  6. This girl only wants editing vids by some one

  7. sakura a bit noob for best player melystial rekt her in that last one

  8. Does anyone know her items? I want to make this skin

  9. ah… parkour. Almost forgotten what it looks like in games

  10. Sakura:gets 3 elites in 3 accounts
    Me:still trying to do the double wallclimbe boost

  11. Me: (joins the fight)
    Me again: our battle will be legendary

  12. ok yeah i get why she asked to edit ur good

  13. Legend says Melystial is the new Best parkour roblox player…

  14. lets just ignore that he gets always 21 ms btw 🙂

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