ROBLOX Parkour – Racing the BEST player

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  1. Got i'm scared to race him he have a SWORD?! Battle racin lol😑

  2. Kuya pwede pege ako robux kahit 100rb lapo plsss ang pagalan ko ay kenbitol090

  3. Who is sakura the weakest shinobi ever 😂

  4. i just wanna play parkour.. but i got banned it has been 2 year 🙁

  5. You know it’s sad when they can wall boost higher than u even without gear

  6. The last round you cheating😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  7. Edit is pretty decent I would think he would get 10 K likes

  8. I wish apoc was back he was my favorite roblox parkour Youtuber he the one that made me play thes game

  9. First of all why are all women playing that game like pretty much the fastest learners- how can I learn so fast without even repeating tutorials – photographic memory: Im not apart of that
    my life: not apart of that either
    IQ: Im apart of that too!
    brain cells acting strange today

  10. can u reply to me of how do i do a freaking long jump

  11. Everyone's talking about different stuff and not how Melystial just straight up teleported to the end like that. Did Sakura dirty

  12. Umm Oh sorry I want to ask "How to play this map?"


  14. 3 wins and for the girl 2 wins nice u won

  15. Her name was sakura she is my discord friend

  16. Few question my brother asked
    Q1 How do you get so low ms
    Q2 what glove did you use?
    Q3 what rank are you?
    Answer these questions PlEaSe

  17. I got banned for 427 years because of exploiting not a big deal

  18. I can't understand what is happening and what you are doing but it seems professional.

  19. The fact that u said on discord she gonna get joe mama then said hug from whoever or cookie

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