Roblox Parkour Reborn Devlog 1.0

Welcome to the first devlog, we hope you enjoy. 🙂
Roblox Parkour Reborn Devlog 1.0


  1. Hopefuly it on for mobile and pc it looks extremely fun

  2. Grapple as a cooldown based gear instead of ground use based like in the current game makes huge sense

  3. Parkour legacy what makes me love parkourin real life and games and seeing parkour reborn makes me happy

  4. add different themed area around the map for more diversity
    like a red lava, blue city, green grassy area etc

  5. it's reborn time! zoooooom! NYEUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I AM SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. will wallclimb boosting be in reborn? its honestly such an iconic feature in legacy that i feel like you cant just leave it out.

  7. Only the real one's know that this is based off of Mirror Edge

  8. seems cool and all, but what about the lag??

  9. Will most of the old dashes be possible with the new system?

  10. Does the gamepass from the orignal parkour will be here ?

  11. Starting to looks like mirror’s edge

  12. it looks quite clunky with the animations but thats fine

  13. Are we gonna keep our gamepasses from the old game in the new one

  14. okay, but can you fly around the map with dashing like in legacy?

  15. I have a question, can you carry over gear you bought in legacy into reborn?

  16. no offense but grappling hooks make the game just not even parkour atp

    and the ui looks bad, no offense but please redo it

  17. Will there be mobile support and if yes please don't add too many shaders

  18. Hey sugution hear me out breakable windows or glass panels its like bill board but its in neo text and its all just glass and its blocks all ares the olny way to get through them by having enough speed to break through

    And if you want you can have little offices or rooms in buildings and you can go inside them and run inside the building trie to get to the other side of building that gives more ways for player travel around map

  19. Will it be mobile compatible again cause my PC is ass cheeks

  20. Making game is really hard and need mor time to do it

  21. 𝐌𝐫.𝐇𝐮𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐢𝐧 says:

    I am really excited to test Parkour reborn

  22. as soon as this game comes out someone is going to figure out how to make a dash and make 5 tutorials on it

  23. Dude god damn the animation's are perfect. They way it also has such good graphics and like details, damn! Js a question, is there gonna be a road like the og game where we can walk on ofc. And y'all should add a apartment and a shop too!

  24. Will the game be out for mobile and tablet? My friend wants to know that.

  25. Is it gonna be a new game or really big update?

  26. Will there be more game modes besides free running? it’s fun but there isn’t much to do

  27. Will we be able to change our keybinds?

  28. the momentum this is a bad idea Roblox is casual, so to make it boring the first time someone boots up the game is counterintuitive

  29. Quick question is this gonna be like district cascade

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