ROBLOX Parkour Reborn District Teaser

Dirwik is a district like no other, with its neon-lit streets, towering skyscrapers, and futuristic design. This video takes you on a thrilling parkour journey through the heart of Dirwik, showcasing the intricate obstacles and daring jumps that await you. With its blend of old city and futuristic elements, Dirwik offers a unique and immersive experience that will challenge even the most skilled players. The stunning neon visuals create a vibrant and electrifying atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
ROBLOX Parkour Reborn District Teaser┗(^ 0 ^)┓


  1. I have a question: will the parkour system be similar to the old one? such as wall boosting, long jumps, etc. or will the system be like free-running, and will we have to re-learn it?

  2. This is the best mirrors edge in roblox i've seen

  3. This game looks amazing i am exited for the beta/early access also one more thing DO NOT RUSH take sweet time!

  4. Hey there i have little sugution what if you add unwanted badge thes are like gta 5 unwanted stars when you them the enforcers will come after you you have at max 5 stars each amount of stars could brimg different types of enemies frist star you have just two enforcers chase after you and they are really good at parkcore the second star there are now 3 enforcers and one range one that shoots out electric plugs that stun you the thrid star will have 5 enforces and two range ones and a a one drone that will follow you around alert the enforcers where you are the fourth star will have more enforcers more ranger and more drones but the last stat will add a small a helicopter that will chase and trie ram you or shoot at you with really bullets and it can also alerts the enforcers and rangers where you are.

    I know that really hard to do but take your time at it take how many years because it will come out better the longer let it in the oven so what do you think of it

  5. I am actually hyped up for this cant wait for release

  6. slide on slope fall cancel goes hard

  7. Can't wait until the realease day , I'm so hyped rn

  8. you guys should add early playing i would pay robux to play this early

  9. this game is mirror's edge but in roblox


  11. Imagine this had lore then I would wait 5 years without complaining


  13. dirwik is the best one and you cant tell me otherwise


    ( if u didn´t get the joke basically its because its so FIRE )

  15. Always running from meta runner fits so well

  16. suggestion: you could add the vertical pipes that go near walls like mirror's edge catalyst, but instead of subtly losing momentum and speed, you could keep it after the animation.

  17. wow this looks a lot like mirror's edge! good stuff!

  18. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I love the blue shader and all the different areas you can explore! I'm super excited to see when this releases.

  19. People with the 100 pixel computers are gonna cry because they have no fps when they play dis because it’s toooooooo realistic

  20. god i want a version of jusy the music its too fire bro

  21. please tell me we ar egonna keep the old moves like wall dashing mag dashing bassicly same stuff but new map and a rework on some of the moves

  22. pls i beg u dont make the game like parkour legacy because after level 60 progression is just messed up u grind for days for just 20 glove power this ruins the fun as many people cant have colas and grapplers easily pls dont mess up reborn

  23. ok this is really cool can i get the game link?

  24. If this game would have VR support it'd be insane

  25. The flow, look, and feel of the parkour is wonderful. Reminds of a lot of the stuff that was shown in Dying Light 2 trailers. Also momentum looks very good. The parkour looks like a combination of Mirrior’s Edge and Dying Light 2, can not wait to play.

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