ROBLOX PARKOUR: Running with Apex { R.I.P ME }

Thanks so much for watching guys! Also thanks for all your big supports to my channel and to me. Love you all.
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  1. 2021 I'm still watching and I'm remember all the memories here 🙂

  2. Dam I remember watching this video 2 years ago and being amazed by how skillfully you were and wanting to be exactly like you. Now I'm a higher level than you and it's amazing to think that you're the person who inspired me to play the game more and get better. Thank you, Negno, Truly.

  3. i know hot to get around the city pretty well but these guys are legends

  4. This video…If im watching the video it look like it want me to play parkour

  5. can you make to my acconte level 100 my password is :qwertyuiop my name is :iliazacool314

  6. damn i remember watching this w my brother back then

  7. Legends never die

    And so though them (does that make sense)

  8. used to watch this video and i really admired this person. damn time really is fast.

  9. so no ones gonna talk abiut the beat drop

  10. This is sick

    Meanwhile I'm still stuck on the advanced tutorial

  11. i dont like admin cuz i played parkour someone banned me

  12. U inspired me because a year ago I saw you and I wanted to be as good now I’m in master

  13. I remember watching this 3 years ago the times fly up so fast

  14. Me: I’m nothing to this…
    Btw how to flip?

  15. This is literally the first parkour roblox video I've ever watched, nostalgic asf men

  16. Bro im back here because im searching the first song in the vid but he edited the vid and i can't remember the song :>

  17. wow bro the old and small parkour maps and bad sliding animation good old days man

  18. It’s weird to see how small the map used to be

  19. Hard to believe this was 4 years ago, time flies by man..

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