Roblox Parkour’s Most Absurd Mechanics


Parkour before was simply running around, climbing buildings, wallboosting, etc. But after the wallrunning update, the community has found immense mechanics discovered in the game.
Routing, Speed Cap, Dashing, and others.
Are one of many absurd mechanics used in the game. Do you know all of them?

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Wii Shop Channel Theme OST

Scott Buckley – Horizons

Home – Resonance

OneShot OST – Phosphor

Undertale OST – Ruins

OneShot OST – My Burden Is Light

C418 – Mice On Venus

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  1. hi po
    pwede po bang tutorial sa mag rail kung pano mag mag rail dash speed vault sana ma notice

  2. This is actually amazing presentation. You have great potential!

  3. I have been using the wrong vault to try and speed dash…

  4. "But don't worry, I'm still gonna continue uploading."topsxcret months ago

  5. as soon as i got to 4:33 my mind instantly said "HEY THATS ONESHOT MUSIC COMMENT ABOUT THAT!"
    so.. at 4:33 to 6:25 and 7:48 to 9:44 is music from Oneshot.

  6. God I remember spending so long trying to do the old mag dashing

  7. What has this game turned into, when I stopped playing they barely patched the bloxy cola reset and now we got this shit bro chill

  8. Definetly stick to voice videos.A excellent video otherwise!

  9. when you said "Once you get the timing right" I heard tangomangle

  10. dude thers a game like parkour named parkour modded in the game ther a gear can use the dash the speed of it is hi plus sliding and legde jump its like grappel and mag combind to gether
    it named wait i like to name it the dash stick its not a stick its like ahhhhhhh a robot arm and thats it ok bye i love ur vids

  11. we are better than the devs because we invented lots of unintended mechanics

  12. me from 2019 when i see people flying at asian moms' slippers throwing speed

  13. I noticed you didn't mention that dashes used to be fps based too before they found a way to remove that feature much like coil boosting.

  14. Amazing video. 100% better than the robot voice lol

  15. is it just me or parkour considers bugs as a mechanic

  16. Bro I like your robot voice the fact you sound so teenager

  17. Last time I watched your last video was when I was 14 and now I’m 76…


  19. I miss playing parkour on mobile since my phone somehow can't handle it anymore

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