Rooftops & Alleys Freeroam Gameplay | The BEST PARKOUR Game I’ve Seen

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0:00 Construction Site
3:50 Steel Yard
6:21 School District

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  1. 74 views in 14 mins bro fell of 😒

  2. Hey Jimmy Can you do an Tutorial for all triks in game likw witch buttons you need to press to do this trick?

  3. Make a video on all the customization of the player in rooftops and alleys

  4. A costume map function would be sick!!!!

  5. So a skateboard game without the skateboard.

  6. What's the first beat? feel like i recognize it

  7. Crazy I kept seeing this on TikTok thinking people glitched a BMX game and look who uploaded on it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Heyyo if this is coming to console the guy who made this is gonna increase product cause this shit is banging πŸ”₯

  9. bro is sadly not the best player in the game

  10. There should be a slide so you can slip under low objects that have space beneath them (like the railing in scaffolding)
    And the collision needs to be sharper and not clip through stuff in first person.
    There could also be windows to break through

    I know it's early access but it's stuff to help, I love this game

  11. Would love to see a few less open spaces. Parkour is about threading through the environment, a few poles to slide down or help run up a wall would be amazing! Looks great tho!

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