Shady Knight – Fast & Fluid First Person Parkour Action Game with Dynamic Slice & Dice Melee Combat!

Shady Knight – Fast & Fluid First Person Parkour Action Game with Dynamic Slice & Dice Melee Combat!
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    fuck, cannot express how long i waited for something like this.

  2. I love the slash effects and how raw and down to Earth it feels with like the ragdoll character and how the sword sways with your movement

  3. I am 100% sure this was heavily inspired by dark Messiah. I've played dark Messiah for maybe 150 hours I know the animations phrame by phrame. the sword play in this game, the jumping downward swing is a carbon copy from DM. The charged slice from left to right even stance he is holding the sword with the other arm slightly above it is a carbon copy. Even the stance of moving backwards and charging the attack where you can only see the hilt while the blade is pointing backwards likely sitting on the shoulder. I ain't complaining, DM is one of favourite games. I am just pointing that this game doesn't just give Dark Messiah vibes, in a lot of aspects ot is actually dark Messiah just with different art style. The sword throw is bonkers tho, I love it

  4. Imagine not kicking your enemies at literally every opportunity

  5. Gotta respect a game that exists solely for a couple of cool ideas, and does them really well.

  6. Games like this raise my blood pressure, and cause my body to release unhealthy amounts of cortisol. I think that I'll stick to Solitaire.

  7. Is it just me or does it look like you're super tiny and also normal-sized at the same time?

  8. I like the Dark Messiah kick and the powerslide from Vanquish but the variety of the levels, and the monster variety too, leaves a lot to be desired

  9. the beta isnt up anymore? cause i cant find it

  10. O_O
    I really want to play this game but I don't have money SHI

  11. I feel like this was made by the same person who made maximum action

  12. The hits feel to impactful and not stabby enough, I hope this criticism helps 👍

  13. Dark Messaiah + some Mirror's Edge/Dying Light vibes.

  14. Same mechanics and animations as Dark Messiah. Cool and all, but quite a lot of copy-paste influence.

  15. Me: I want doom eternal
    Mom: we already have doom eternal at home.
    Doom eternal at home:

  16. played this for a hot 30 minutes on only 1-2 arena

  17. This game has the best combat I ever seen

  18. this game mechanics are better than cyperpunk 2077

  19. when this game comes out is it going to be f2p ?

  20. Something that doesn't get mentioned often but that I really admire: ABG's cumulative game literacy.
    So many games, and pretty decent or skillful at most of them without too much time with them. Without knowing it's ABG, you can still tell it's an experienced PC gamer just by the mouse movements and glances, the cross-platform slam attack, etc.

    These videos wouldn't be as generally palatable if a more delirious/clueless player was at the helm.

  21. Blood & Death [Insert Edgy Name Here] says:

    What’s the lvl?

  22. anyone here who could share this exact version of the demo? played the new one and the 7dfps prototype but missed out on this one; if anyone here downloaded it, it should still be in your steamapps/common/ folder even if it isn't accessible through the steam library, just archive the whole folder and upload it to some temporary file sharing website like firedropper then respond to me with the link, i'd be very grateful

  23. God I freaking love such great mechanics and dynamic first-person action. World of AAA games is just not ready for this masterpiece.

  24. Damn, those chasm jumps make me uneasy.

    The game gives me FPP Prince of Persia vibes.

  25. dead cells 3d could probably look like this

  26. just completed the demo and I LOVED IT
    im so excited for the full game

  27. Dude….i love the music ….and the game is super amazing ….i gotta buy it when it fully releases

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