Short First Person Parkour Game – Unreal Engine 4


  1. hello!, i have question how you do hand animatiopns running walls?

  2. Dude. This is freaking AWESOME!!!!

  3. Wow!! Do you think you can share the blueprints?? Im having a lot of trouble doing the edge mechanics

  4. I know it's not final but the hands when you run are way too fast I couldn't focus on anything else ahahah anyway the level design seems really cool, how do you plan on filling it? Which style? Will you be able to complete it for the jam or is it something you use to put it in the portfolio?

  5. Nice work bro. Btw the hand locomotion is weird.

  6. Make big FOV + Camera shaking while running

  7. hi i really admire ur work, in fact i want to start learning ue4 by my self. but i want to ask, what is the end goal to all of this? is it just to learn a new skill and show it off or planning to join a game dev studio and earn money from it. i am a university student and i must be careful what i am spending my time on. so please help me to decide if its actually worth to lean game dev.

  8. if you make batter animations the game will be very better then this

  9. if you make the animations fluid that would help make this project solid look at some videos of people running

  10. It's look so cool, I'm waiting for new videos🙃

  11. TitanFall2 in 2016: FPS Multiplayer shooting game with parkour mech and big mech robots.
    Me in 2021: trying my best to get parkour work

  12. It's just me or that hands looking kinda T H İ C C

  13. Tell me, please, is it possible
    make parkour for ai?

  14. All its needs is intense music,sword, and dark rooms with tones of lights

  15. if you are the one who made the map, then I advise you focus on level desing

  16. The system is good but the animations are terrible

  17. Can I
    buy this in a pack and use it for my game?

  18. Me: mum can we get mirrors edge

    mum: we have mirrors edge at home

    Mirrors edge at hom:

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