Sleeping Dogs:Parkour with wei shen


  1. This game's Parkour is much better than AC: Origins thou……😂😂
    Btw waiting for Valhalla…..

  2. This is the first game I played two times continuously after finishing in two days …I just got so much engrossed in the world

  3. This definitely felt more fluid than it looks.

  4. Graphics of this game still look good I’m impressed

  5. Just every 中国人 in 中国😊😊

  6. He is doing parkour where the final mission takes place

  7. I have played it and it is the last mission place

  8. Devs were able to put so much parkour into the game without even putting an option to jump.
    This game is truly amazing

  9. Only place this physics takes places in cartoons 😅 haha the hell?! 🤔. Looks fun AF tho 🔥

  10. ʏᴜɴɢ_ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ_ꜰʀᴇᴅᴅʏ says:

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is ok.
    But i don't like this fact.
    -You need to find objects or houses to Parkour

  11. Hey nice jumps…plz tell me that this game can be played on 2 gb ram with 32 bits OS PC ?

  12. 0:11 when the citizens talking on the left and the motorcycle flung the citizens didnt even react lol

  13. Man nixian used this video on evolution of parkour games

  14. my father and I bought this game in his video game and we found Sleeping Dogs very cool

  15. You dont know how to do shoulder roll .. just do when you land hold your jump button .

  16. One of the best things I discovered was you could fly really high with a scooter or bike when doing a wheelie and hitting an object at a correct angle. Parkour and climbing is limited to some surfaces and disappointing overall

  17. What happends when GTA V+SLEEPING DOGS

  18. Incredible game! Just finished it a year ago. I am already missing it. This definitely needs a sequel.

  19. Okay with parkour, its complete package but they can also add superhero powers mode something like that, LOL depends

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