Sleeping Dogs:Parkour with wei shen


  1. This is the moment when you late in school

  2. Can anyone believe this game came in 2012

  3. fwd🤩😍2😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩😘

  4. I like part when you run on car, super parkour

  5. Is game ka video abhi ka abhi padhaai Jyada der Nahin Kare Aasan video Karke bataen

  6. I sprained my ankle 11 times just watching this

  7. Im really glad i watched a video of someone fucking about, bored, on a computer game

  8. Was this really how the sleeping dogs animations were? I don't remember it being like this I remember it being more smooth 😂

  9. شسمهة تنزل بلايباد

  10. To be fair this video would be 100 times cooler of you had better timing lol

  11. Je sais même pas pourquoi personne ne connaît se jeu

  12. вот так мои родители по их разказам добирались до школы

  13. 🍸💗💗🍸💗💗🍸
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  14. Not as good as watch dogs two but good content

  15. Damn sleeping dogs needs a remake or sequel fosho

  16. Looks like the floor is ice !

  17. the mission is too short . i'm so shocked when my low pc can run this game with low setting but the graphic don't dissapointed me.

  18. This game's Parkour is much better than AC: Origins thou……😂😂
    Btw waiting for Valhalla…..

  19. This is the first game I played two times continuously after finishing in two days …I just got so much engrossed in the world

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