Spider-Man PS4 Stylish Parkour

In this video you’ll see Spider-Man doing parkour throughout the amazing city of New York! Trying not to use webs as much as possible, this truly shows how his skills and abilities are shown in a very cool fashion. Running on rooftops, jumping from building to building, hopping over benches and cars the possibilities are endless.
Spider-Man PS4 Stylish Parkour

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  1. MJ: Come over.Peter Parker: I can’t, I’m out of websMJ: My parents aren’t homePeter Parker:

  2. Ignoring crime activity’s? That isn’t very cash money of you Spider Man

  3. Nice video bro. Make some awesome video

  4. Since when spiderman join assassins creed order ? I thought he was avenger

  5. The video is too long. It shoulda been just a minute or 30secs. At first I was like "wow…… Coooooool". Then I got bored of seeing the same thing again and again

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