Sprint Vector VR Gameplay (HTC Vive Virtual Reality Parkour Game)

Sprint Vector on Steam:
Sprint Vector is a super fun virtual reality parkour racing game made by Survios. They also sponsored this video in form of providing me with a computer so that I can finally do VR again! I’ve played a lot of VR games and this one is definitely top 5 if not #1 for me. I can climb, pakour, fly, race, do multiplayer with up to 8 other people, and challenge levels. This video was more fun than anything I’ve done in the last month and I hope you check out the game.

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  1. This game looks like absolute flames wtf

  2. how was your VR PC stolen don't you have guns in your house. Don't you play fortnite. Connect the Dots Drifter I love you

  3. Getting bigger Drifty. What you benchin these days

  4. I would never normally go for a game like this but it looks fun on VR

  5. awesome game! love the art style and concept 🙂

  6. Like no lie this reminds me of the cheap Mobile game ads where you have the guy pretending to play the game and the acting is so bad

  7. This actually looks so fun love to see more videos on it keep up the good work👍

  8. When you want to play a Kinect game but are too embarrassed to actually dust it off and plug it in.

  9. More more more!!! That was awesome to watch!

  10. You should totally do in depth reviews of the Fortnite weapons

  11. Everyone needs to exercise and this looks like your get a good workout…So any coach potatoes take note.A Healthy body a healthy mind and gaming at the same time, your sorted.

  12. Sorry Drift0r, but I could only watch this about 30 seconds before I got motion sick. Congrats on the PC sponsorship though!

  13. That actually looks pretty fun. Too bad im broke.

  14. Do you know that feeling when you go down a hill in a car and ur stomach drops? Well if I play this, it would happen constantly lol

  15. Love ya drifty but this gives me motion sickness so I can’t finish it. Sorry

  16. Damn I remember binge watching your bo2 videos and loving your content. But when I moved on from cod I lost interest in your content. I feel this was the case for most of the people subscribed to your channel. I'm sorry man, I hope youtube works out for you. I really don't mean for this to come off as negative I love u driftor

  17. A bit like skiing I suppose? This game looked interesting, I'd seen it before and wasn't sure how well it'd work what with people running in enclosed spaces with expensive setups.

    I wouldn't want to put that headset on unless it's been wiped/cleaned, you'd probably get swetty as hell playing that game.

  18. You could have easily cropped out that sensor. Low effort man.

  19. This looks so cool!! Can't wait till they improve this technology and have like vibrating hand things that tell you when you're taking dmg etc. So cool regardless

  20. Coming from a top Monster Hunter World player already. I'm transferring over to this tomorrow. Farewell MHW.

  21. This game is phenomenal. Maybe the most fun VR game I’ve played.

  22. have you checked out some of the top time vids people posted? Some people get really insane with these runs ^.^

  23. This has nothing to do with parkour, there is no proper game for that yet…

  24. Maybe if they come out with Stroll Vector.

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