Sprint Vector VR Gameplay (HTC Vive Virtual Reality Parkour Game)

Sprint Vector on Steam:
Sprint Vector is a super fun virtual reality parkour racing game made by Survios. They also sponsored this video in form of providing me with a computer so that I can finally do VR again! I’ve played a lot of VR games and this one is definitely top 5 if not #1 for me. I can climb, pakour, fly, race, do multiplayer with up to 8 other people, and challenge levels. This video was more fun than anything I’ve done in the last month and I hope you check out the game.

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All console gameplay captured with Elgato HD60 Pro:

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  1. his VR PC was stolen ? never knew that , anyway whoever did it must be having a real good time playing battlefield 1 on 4k xD
    just kidding keep up the good videos man !

  2. Drift0r!!! i missed you! i love when you play other games especially VR!! Hope things are going better for you these days!!!!

  3. This game makes VR actually look like a platform instead of just a gimmick

  4. This is weird to get used to, but I do enjoy it

  5. I forgot your pc had been stolen. Now this game looks like a ton of fun if I could justify updating my pc to be capable I would however I don’t just want one game. If they do this and maybe Mario cart or something Im in them.

  6. i didn't know his VR PC was stolen .Did he make a video about it ?

  7. I think if you do this every day you'd get buff arms. Fun video!

  8. Cod not doing it for your channel anymore ?

  9. Love this!!! Please make more of this content!!!

  10. Never seen any other gaming video like this… it was brilliant! This game looks so cool

  11. Are you ever gonna make a video about your current family situation? (Your mom)

  12. What an awful way to play a game and most if not all of them are crap. VR also makes for really bad videos.

  13. Honestly it looks kinda meh except for the climbing aspects…a bouldering or mountain climbing VR game may be dope

  14. Drift0r you’re looking fit man , great for you .

  15. this experience reminds me of Kinetic Adventures for the Kinect, it migh seem like a kid game but boy you sweat. some levels are like 100 jumping jacks, I'd like to see the legs added to VR so we can have more fit-oriented games. doing 30minutes of workout with a videogame is hella fun.

  16. Wait nvm his cod vids are still going pretty well.

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