Steep Funny Ragdolls/Falls episode 1

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  1. Hello speed speed is speed speed of speed speed is speed speed of speed speed is speed speed of racing speed speed

  2. Hello, I am Johnny Knoxville, and this is jackass

    Minuteman fades in*

  3. The character: falls from a mountain straight on his face
    Also the character: Tis' but a scratch

  4. I remember playing this for the first time on a friend’s PS4 back in 2019. We laughed so hard at this. I want to play this game today but I can’t because it can’t be played offline. Damn you, Ubisoft!

  5. what is the name of the game?

  6. How to get up there without starting a mission

  7. Guys its pretty clear his safety gears saved him with it on anyone can survive that!

  8. I'm glad to see compilation videos of funny ragdoll moments in videogames are still a thing.
    I remember watching old Tony Hawks Proving Ground, Skate, Gmod, and GTA4 comps as a kid. They were my favorite

  9. Обожаю смотреть как кожаные мешки падают с горы, и ломают себе кости

  10. 🤗😚☺😘😁😇🥰😍🤩🤗🤔😎😏😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙💩🏖🌋🏡🏗⛺🌁🌃🏙🌄🌅🌆🌇⛲🌉♨️🚆🚇🚈🚉🚐🚌

  11. Oh my god the frame rates at the start it was so good. Do you use PS4 or PC?

  12. notice how after the first impact the guy stops flailing around in the air

  13. Title: "Funny ragdolls"
    Me: Oh man really funny that a man skating then falling suffering that he might die is funny!

  14. only in that first one if he were to calculate the speed along with how fragile we are he would have died

  15. 1:00 is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my life

  16. This guy was howling while plunging to his death, true chad!

  17. On some of the clips you can hear the death music but its basically impossible to die

  18. Steep steps in ohio be like:

  19. Monke eats bananas and get strong then beat lil monke?

  20. When you go sledding with mom:
    – No no and one more time no! This slide is too high and dangerous! Ride better on this one, and be careful, please…

    When you go sledding with father:

  21. Im play the game in PS5 dad and awesome😍

  22. If only you could play as the yeti in this game.

  23. Pov: Your teacher watches this and says "Just get a some tissue"💀☠

  24. in every clip: yo is there fall damage? hold up lemme check

  25. sometimes i am like "Where the hell is he???" for example 0:01

  26. When the guy said oh man, this is awesome I was like no this is awesome Trip tumbled in crash but the video is sick.

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